How to Treat Pneumonia Symptoms with Natural Remedies: 10 Effective Home Remedies for Pneumonia Treatment

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Here are some natural remedies for pneumonia that you can follow at home to treat pneumonia effectively. These home remedies are simple, easy to prepare and easy to follow.

Pneumonia is a serious illness that occurs due to an infection in the lungs. Pneumonia symptoms include severe cough with yellowish green mucus, chest pains, loss of appetite, fatigue, fast heart beat, mental confusion, nausea, vomiting, fever, shaking chills and Shortness of breath on exertion. Bacteria are the most common cause of pneumonia. However, pneumonia can also be caused by viruses, fungi, and other agents. The real cause of pneumonia is the weakened immune system of the body, a result of the toxins present in the air passages and lungs. The accumulation of toxins is due to wrong diet habits and a faulty lifestyle. There are natural remedies for pneumonia treatment, which can be taken along with your medication to improve your health and get relief from pneumonia.

Home Remedies for Pneumonia

Here are some natural remedies for pneumonia that you can follow at home to treat pneumonia effectively. These home remedies are simple, easy to prepare and easy to follow.

1. Fenugreek Seeds: Having an herbal with tea with black pepper and fenugreek seeds helps to treat pneumonia symptoms in early stages. You can take up to 4 cups of this herbal tea daily which can be gradually reduced as condition improves. A little honey or lemon juice can be added to improve the flavor. This home remedy is helpful in getting rid of fever that comes with pneumonia and also eliminates the sharp pains experienced by those suffering from pneumonia.

2. Beet Juice: The soothing and healing properties of beets help to ease the pain that comes with pneumonia. Beet Juice can help clear phlegm from the lungs that could be hindering proper breathing, making it one of the best home remedies for pneumonia treatment. You can add carrot or cucumber juice with beet juice and drink twice a day for better results.

3. Sesame Seeds: Sesame seeds contains antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties making it one of the best home remedies for pneumonia treatment. A hot infusion of this herb can be prepared by steeping 15 gm of seeds in 250 ml water. Add 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of linseed, and a pinch of common salt in this mixture. Consume this mixture everyday. It will aid in removing phlegm from the bronchial tubes.

4. Ginger: You can consume 10 ml fresh ginger juice, or dried ginger powder 3 gm mixed with 2 teaspoons of honey twice or thrice a day for destroying bacterial infection in respiratory tract and lungs. Ginger may also help reduce fever associated with pneumonia.

5. Garlic: It is considered to be effective home remedy for pneumonia. Either fresh raw or lightly cooked garlic is most accessible for pneumonia cure. To get relief from chest pain and discomfort, take a teaspoonful of garlic juice. The curative properties found in garlic work in treating pneumonia by bringing down the high temperatures and speeding up the healing process.

6. Parsnip Juice: Parsnip juice has chlorine and phosphorus which help in clearing the bronchial system thereby getting rid of infection. A dosage of 250 ml per day is recommended. The leaves can also be steeped in water and placed onto the chest area as a way of getting rid of the pain that comes with pneumonia.

7. Carrot Juice: Carrot contains essential nutrients that aid in proper healing in cases of pneumonia. It works by getting rid of toxins thereby treating the underlying problem. The juice happens to be very strong and therefore should be mixed with other vegetable juices and taken with or after meals.

8. Turpentine Oil: This is also a great remedy for pneumonia. Massaging turpentine oil on the rib cage and keeping the area covered with warm cotton wool will help in reducing the pain of Pneumonia.

9. Dandelion: Dandelion contains anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties making it one of the best home remedies for pneumonia. It gets rid of the pain and inflammation that comes with pneumonia thereby offering a complete cure. Take the leaves of dandelion and add in boiling water to make a decoction. The roots of the plant can also be used in the water and then taken on a daily basis as treatment for the condition. The dried root of dandelion can be ground into powder and then a paste made and applied onto the chest to offer proper treatment from the condition.

10. Holy Basil: Holy basil contains essential minerals and compounds which are helpful to get relief from pneumonia. Take the juice of few fresh leaves of holy basil. Add a pinch of ground black pepper to this juice and consume at six hourly intervals.

Other Measures

If you have pneumonia symptoms, the following measures can help you recover more quickly and decrease your risk of complications.

• Take a balanced diet which should include fresh fruits and vegetables. This supply the body with essential nutrients and minerals that is needs to boost immunity and also fight diseases and infection.

• Drink lots of water as it will help to flush toxins. Fluids are also important because they help prevent dehydration and help loosen mucus in your lungs.

• Avoid alcoholic drinks and carbonated drinks as well as cold drinks which are known to make the pneumonia symptoms worse.

• Avoid foods that may not be well-digested. It may aggravate pneumonia symptoms.

• Smoking works as poison in case of pneumonia. It causes lots of problems in lungs and therefore puts in extra burden just to get right oxygen levels. If you stop smoking, your lungs will gradually heal themselves.

• Again it is essential to avoid white flour and white sugar as they are heavy to digest and worsen the condition.

• The patient should be kept in a clean, hot and healthy room. Make sure that sunshine enters in the patient room.

• Try to keep the chest and the feet of the patient warmer than the other parts of the body.

• Keep your immune system healthy and in top shape. This is the best defense against pneumonia symptoms.

• Get plenty of rest, even if you don’t really feel like it.

Pneumonia is a life threatening disease and hence, home remedies for pneumonia must not be considered as main treatment of pneumonia. These must be used along with medical treatments.


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