How to Treat Cuts, Scrapes, and Bleeding with Salt, Flour, Cornstarch and Other Household Items

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Home remedies for bleeding from minor cuts and scraps.

Ever cut yourself so bad from maybe a razor, paper cut, fell down, scraped your knee or even scissors? Have you ever had a cut to the point where the bleeding just kept gushing out and nothing you did stopped it? Well, I had one of those nasty cuts from shaving in a hurry. These types of cuts seem like they bleed forever. It feels like no matter what you try it just goes on and on and on. After placing tiny pieces of toilet paper on this cut I decide since it was still bleeding to use salt and water. I haven't had a cut in so long, so I forgot all about what my grandma has told me about her home remedies. I wasn't thinking about remedies at the time that's why I just grabbed the tissue first.

My grandma always highly believed in her home remedies. Years ago she told me many tips for different problems. I always knew her remedies would definitely come in handy at some time, especially the fact that I have three little angels to care for and help them out if something happens to them like a cut. We all know as parents our children will get many of cuts, bruises, knee scrapes etc in their life time. So here are a few awesome tips to control and stop the bleeding of a cut:

1. Salt and water- Take a small cup mix up some warm water and salt together. Place this onto a rag making sure it's pretty saturated. Then keep blotting the cut with this solution. The bleeding will stop after 2 minutes or so. It will not burn you at all.

2. Flour- Good old white flour does magic almost instantly. Place some flour directly onto your cut. This will work in seconds and the bleeding should stop.

3. Cornstarch- This is the same technique as the flour and it will also stop the bleeding automatically.

4. Tea bag- Take a regular tea bag run it under cold water. Make sure it's completely wet. Squeeze out a little of the excess water place this onto your cut. Press firmly, but be very careful. Hold for about 20 seconds or so then release the tea bag. The bleeding should stop.


5. Ground coffee- Take some ground coffee about a teaspoon full place it directly onto the cut. Press down very carefully to almost form a paste like band aide. After 2 minutes or so remove the coffee ground. The bleeding should stop.

6. Petroleum jelly or Vaseline- This is what many boxers and martial art fighters use to stop the bleeding from minor cuts. This should only be used for minor cuts. Once the bleeding has stopped make sure to clean the area thoroughly to clean off the Vaseline and remove any debris in and around the cut.

7. Antiperspirant- The aluminum chloride in antiperspirant shrinks the sweat glands, and it can also constrict the blood capillaries to stop the bleeding of minor cuts.

It is very important to clean the area to keep away infection, and if possibly use rubbing alcohol on the cut to also prevent infection.


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