How to Treat and Heal a Bump on Head

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Home remedies to treat a child bump on head. Also included in this article is medical treatment for a head bump and the symptoms of a possible concussion. A bump on the head can be serious or minor, it is important to understand the home remedies, medical

When a child gets hurt all parents always freak out, because automatically they think the worse. What happens when a baby hits their forehead and gets a huge bump? When a child first hits their head the child will be in pain, uncomfortable, feel slight nauseous or the parent may see a slight sign of blood. No matter what the first thing to do is check the bump out real quick to see how bad the actual cut is if any and make sure your child is conscious. Then start to apply an ice pack to start the bump from becoming enormous. After 30 minutes or so remove the ice pack and check out the bump again, make sure child is himself/herself and not lethargic.

When a child/baby gets a bump on their forehead/head you must know the signs of a concussion just incase the child is in need of extra help. Some of the definite signs of a concussion are dizziness, lethargy, slurred speech, severe headache, fuzzy vision, sleepy, and sometimes the pupils of the persons eyes start to constrict. How can I treat my baby’s bump at home besides using an ice pack? Everyone has their own home remedies for their child, but after yesterday I would love to share my home remedy on how I treated my son’s huge bump on his forehead by using chocolate and egg whites, and ice.

Home Remedies

Items needed to treat a baby/child bump on forehead or head:

One ice pack, 2 egg whites, and a plain Hershey bar

I know to some mothers this may sound quite bizarre, but as a mother I am willing to try any home remedy that will help my child. This home remedy was given to me yesterday from one of my husband’s co-workers. At first I thought how could egg whites and chocolate help a bump? Then I thought well if the peanut butter helped my child’s fever maybe this would work just as well.

First step- Apply the ice pack to the bump on the forehead or head. Leave it on for 30 minutes. At this point the bump is still huge. Your child feels very uncomfortable with the cold ice on the bump because it hurts. So move on to the next step.

Second step- Remove the ice pack and mix up 2 egg whites into a bowl. Now apply the egg whites to the bump carefully. I would place the egg whites onto a glove and then place your glove with the egg whites onto the bump. Allow the egg whites to stay on the bump for 15 minutes. Remove. The bump on the forehead or head should be much smaller. The egg whites help shrink the bump and allow the right blood circulation.

Since the bump is smaller now the last step would be to minimize the bruising look. This can be done by applying a plain chocolate Hershey bar to the bump. Make sure the bar is not melting and is kind of hard. Allow this to stay on the child’s bump for 15 minutes. Then remove. The next day the bump will look totally amazing.

More Bump on the Head Remedies.

Yes, it can be scary when a child or yourself gets a bump on the head. One thing to do is to put an icepack on the pack. Wrap ice in a washcloth, and if you do not have any ice, a bag of frozen vegetables will work. Ice keeps the swelling down. If symptoms like dizziness or the headache gets work, you should go to a doctor or emergency room as soon as possible, and certainly if there is bleeding, get to a doctor right away.


There are numerous symptoms of a concussion that you need to be aware of that include

  •  Seizures are a main concern.
  •  Confusion. Asking questions like do you know your name, the year, the date, the name of the president are all good question to ask to find confusion
  • Inability to remember what just happened
  • Irritability or wanting to fight
  • Troubling speaking or a slurred speech is a real danger sign
  • Trouble walking.
  • Loss of vision.
  • Vomiting.

It is advisable to keep the person that has a head injury awake for several hours, so they can be observed.

How to Prevent Head Bumps

The best way to prevent head bumps and concussions is to wear head protection such as a helmet when right your bike. You can find some great helmets and head protection at REI.


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