How to Treat a Jammed Finger: Five Easy Ways to Do It

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This article is about the ways to treat a jammed finger.

Did you accidentally slam your hands too hard on the door or window? Did you pound too hard and hurt your finger in the process? Or did you do a tricky stunt that left you crying too hard became of your sore finger? Almost all people in the world have experienced having a jammed finger, and it is really unpleasant to live with one. But if you do have a jammed finger, then don’t live with it for a very long time. Here are effective and easy ways to treat a jammed finger that you can easily do to yourself.

1. Know how severe the damage is. Check your jammed finger if it turns to a bluish color, dislocated at the finger joint, swollen or started bleeding. If one of these is evident then it means that it has a very severe damage; so it is best to go to the nearest hospital and see a doctor immediately. It is also better to put the arm with the injured finger in an arm sling to prevent mobilization that could increase the damage.

If the finger doesn’t have the following indications, then the damage is not severe. You can do the following:

2. Soak the finger in a bucket of ice. Once a finger is jammed, it will give excruciating pain that not every person could handle. Immediately soaking it in a bucket of ice will instantly reduce the pain and soreness.

3. Immobilize the finger. Using a finger splint can easily prevent mobilizing or hitting the finger which can cause further damage. There are a lot of finger splints that can be brought in pharmacies and supermarkets. If the finger splint is too long, short or unavailable at the moment; you can use a popsicle stick or tongue decompressor under the damaged finger and wrap these together using bandages or a medical gauze.

4. Use pain relievers. Anti-inflammatory formulations which are found in pain reliving pills and creams can do wonders if you feel agonizing pain every now and then. Aside from these, soaking the injured finger in a lukewarm Epsom salt-water solution or ice and raising your hand can also help.

5. Never use the injured finger at the moment. Even though you don’t feel any pain in the injured finger after a few days or weeks, it is not an assurance that it is indeed healed. The finger tendons might still be soft at the moment and can tear when these are forced to stretch immediately. It is still best to consult the doctor during and after the healing process.

Remember to do all these, and for sure your injured finger will be totally healed in no time at all.