How to Take Care of Your Pregnant Wife: a Message for Husbands

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Taking care of your pregnant wife

In the olden times, there use to be a joint family, where elders would take care of their daughter-in-law, so the husband need not worry much for his wife’s health, but now in this modern age, the family pattern has changed; nuclear families have replaced joint families and it has become the duty of husband to take care of his pregnant wife.

 Pregnancy is a difficult phase in a woman’s life, but can be made less tough if her husband is there to look after her needs, and be there emotionally as well as physically to make this time a bit easier for her. Make sure you are there for your wife for all nine months.

Things husband should do to make their wife’s pregnancy a bit easier.

• When your wife is expecting her first child, buy some books on pregnancy for both of you to read. Try to read it together so you can discuss things and take opinion from doctor.

• Conversation with your wife is very important; ask her how she is feeling or what she's experiencing. She would be going through lot of emotions--encourage her to talk to you about it.

• Your wife will be going through lot of emotional exhaustion and she may cry for silly reasons. Instead of losing temper at this time, be extra nice to her.

• Keep the kitchen well-stocked with lot of food items, as she may have cravings to eat a particular food item that she loves. Learn to cook and surprise her by preparing some favourite dishes for her.

• Encourage her to have milk twice in a day to overcome a possible calcium deficiency, and see to it that she is given ten times more proteins than the normal women; she should not suffer from iron deficiency as it can lead to being anaemic when childbirth arrives. She should have at least 30 mg of iron per day. 400 microgram folic acid should be given every day, which is more than given to normal women. Encourage her to drink plenty of water, as it will benefit a lot to both mother and baby.

• Being pregnant means lot of visits to the doctor. Try to go with her for every visit, no matter even if you have to postpone your meeting or go late for work. This is the moment when your wife needs you more than anyone else.

• Never smoke in the presence of your wife, as the health of your baby depends on your wife’s health, too--and when you avoid smoking, it will help your own health as well.

• See that she takes any medicines on time and has a balanced diet.

• Try to take her out for a walk or attend any function or party that she is comfortable to attend. Try to spend quality time with her and keep her happy.