How to Swallow a Sword

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Sword Swallowing is one dangerous thing, I'll Explain how it's done.

What do you think the most dangerous job in the world is? I think that it is an Entertainer, but not just any entertainer, Teachers & fellow Students I am talking about a sword swallower.

It interested me to choose this topic because I was little kid and I saw a sword swallower in Sydney out on the street. He was very funny and he was really good at sword swallowing, he swallowed an extremely long sword. Ever since then It has confounded me how they get a whole sword all the way down into their stomach without dieing. Now sword swallowing isn’t just about slipping your sword down your throat, there is a certain route and if you go the wrong way in may result in death.

First up, I’m gong to explain how the professionals do this seemingly magical task.

Ok, so the first thing you have to train yourself to restrain Is the gag reflex in the back of your throat. Now this apparently is no easy feat First you start by putting small items into the back of your throat until you stop gagging. Then you must repeat this process with larger items. You continue to get larger until the item is as large as a sword. You will then have conquered the gag reflex. But that is just the start of the sword’s long and dangerous voyage. Next you have to choose the correct intersection where the mouth divides into the way for food. Ding (which is called the oesophagus) and the way for air wa wa wow (which is called the trachea), Now yo must wriggle through a ring of muscle and, obviously relax the muscle in order to proceed. Then you must nudge your heart out of the way as it gets in the way. Now if you do this too hard YOU WILL DIE. Ok. So be careful. After that you’re in the stomach and your Done! Now do all this while remembering not to cut yourself.

And, can you believe it some people can swallow heaps of swords at once. For example Red Stuart who is the MASTER of sword swallowing swallowed 54 swords about so big at once, which is literally unbelievable, and I don’t blame you if you don’t believe me, but its true. The Longest sword swallowed ever was swallowed by George the Giant of Sweden who is 7 foot 4 swallowed an 83 cm sword. The oldest person ever to swallow a sword was 79 years old. His name was John Bilxt.

Another question that I was curious about with sword swallowing was, who would think, hey you know what, I'm going to swallow a sword and see whether I can live, yeah that’s what I'm going to do. Well, it was thought up in India in 2000BC and they thought of it as a show of divine and power. Since then it spread to China and Japan who use it for theatrical performance.

Can you believe that Dan Meyer swallowed a sword, underwater with sharks & stingrays swimming around him? I mean, I’m scared of 1 shark. He had sharks & stingrays all around him and he swallower a sword that was about this long!

Now I’d LOVE to keep on talking for ages but I'm running out of time and I have 1 question for you before I go, Are you brave enough to swallow a sword? 


Posted on Jun 12, 2011
Posted on May 18, 2011