How to Summon Your Twin Flame, Soulmate or Just the Ideal Mate

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A step by step guide in summoning a lover. be it an object of desire or a soulmate/twin flame.

It seems as though millions of singles, and even those who are attached, are constantly in search for Mr./Mrs. Right. This is something we are naturally prone to do until we find that one and only person who truly makes our hearts sing. This is something I've found myself doing on several occasions, and I must share the interesting results I have discovered.

Not only can you ask the universe to bring you your twin flame, soulmate or ideal mate; if you ask properly, the universe will bring this person to you and practically drop him/her in your lap. This is something which may not happen overnight, but is definitely something that has worked for me nearly every time I have tried it.

Whenever I am feeling lost and alone in the world; feeling as though the perfect mate just might make things better, I get down on my knees and I beg the universe, God, sacred feminine and all of the powers that be and make up love and light to bring such a mate to me. This is something which has worked literally every time since I've reached the age of 25 or so, and continues to work for me to this day.

I am unsure why it didn't always work when I was a teenager or in my early twenties. Perhaps I was too young and immature to know what I truly wanted, or maybe what I wanted was based upon superficiality. Perhaps it just wasn't in my destiny; maybe I simply wasn't tapped in fully or asking properly. Whatever the case may be, after the age of 25 I have always been granted with the specific person, or type of person I ask for; even when I ask for a long list of specifics. This is how I know that it works.

The first step in summoning your ideal mate is to have a true heart and intention about this person. If you truly love them, or love the idea of them this is a good place to start. I wouldn't play around with this if you simply are lusting after a person, as you just might get what you wish for, and could potentially end up hurting someone.

This is a problem, as when you ask for a person, karma will always find you. If you have karma coming your way which needs to be worked out, you just may get the person or type of person you asked for, but they are going to do every little nasty thing to you that you've ever done to a lover in the past. This isn't something anyone should simply play around with.

Once you have your heart and mind set on a person or ideal type of person, you must then go deeply within and connect to the higher power. Whatever works for you in your own spiritual life is fine. If you are more of a mediator, then meditate on this intention until you feel that you have reached a point of love, light and joy concerning the subject. Then, continue focusing on this every day with joy and faith until you have this person in your life. If you pray, and are deeply connected to spirit it may only take one powerful prayer to manifest what you are asking for. 

If you are spiritual, but not strongly connected to spirit, I would suggest praying every day for this person and thanking the higher power for this person as well with joy and faith. I must warn you however, that if you are currently connected to someone and feeling discontent enough to be reading this and summoning someone new, you may want to break of the current relationship you are involved in. Summoning a new person into your life when you are already connected will only bring about pain, negative energy and karma, and the new relationship will have more struggles than need be.


Joanne Hintz
Posted on May 24, 2014
Shelly Vegas
Posted on Jan 13, 2013