How To Start A Mobile Food Vending Concession Business

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How to start a mobile concession business. How starting a mobile snack stand can be profitable. What to look for in a mobile food concession trailer.

Ever wondered how to start your own mobile concession business selling things like funnel cakes, kettle corn or cotton candy? It might not be as hard as you think it is to start a mobile food concession business.

Mobile Food Concession Stand Permits

The first step is to determine what kind of permits are required for your area. A state food handlers license is required in most states and you may have to have a local vendors permit. Other permits, such as permits to operate in a public venue may be necessary. You will need liability insurance and workers compensation insurance in most states. Your mobile food trailer will need a trailer license. Contact your local health department and inquire as to what permits are needed to start a mobile concession stand.

Food Vendor Trailers

What kind of mobile concession trailer you buy depends on what kind of food you will be serving. Health department rules determine whether the trailer must have certain items such as a vented hood. The simpler the food you are preparing the simpler the mobile concession trailer might be.

For foods like cotton candy a very simple mobile food trailer will suffice. You can often find used mobile concession trailers for sale on sites like eBay and in your local paper. If you buy a used food concession trailer make sure that all of the equipment is in good working order. If machines such as cotton candy machines are part of the package, have the owner demonstrate that they are working.

Locations For Your Mobile Food Vending Business

Depending on what type of food you serve out of your mobile trailer you may want to get hooked up with the list of vendors for popular local events such as county fairs and car shows. These events draw thousands of people and you can often make a good living if you have enough of these type events throughout the year. Another option is to follow a traveling fair of some type. These pose some challenges such as getting new health permits for different states and cities.

Good Help Is Hard To Find

If you can do most of the work yourself you will be ahead in the game. If the food you are preparing is labor intensive and the crowd is large you will need a helper. You can place ads in local papers for part time help but the best source of help that is reliable often comes from using family members and friends.

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