How to Start a Hair Salon Cheap

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First thing you need to realize is that not everyone can afford Salon price. When I looked at everything that went into a Hair Salon I wanted to know if this was a business that could be started with little or no money

I’ve had fun researching the ins and outs of so many businesses I wanted to share exactly how to start them with little to no money invested. Today we’re going to talk about one aspect of the beauty industry; the Hair Salon. When I looked at everything that went into a Hair Salon I wanted to know if this was a business that could be started with little or no money. Checking carefully and mincing the steps I’ve come to the conclusion that it can for a few reasons I will share here. Now keep in mind that there are certain degrees of beauty-care that some states require you to get educated and licensed, plus any applicable Insurance. With that said, let’s dig in.

A hair Salon is big business these days. It could costs very little or a lot to start depending on the level of investment and clientele you want. But what about the average person who doesn’t have more than $10, $20, $30, or even $100 to their names, can these individuals start a Hair Salon business? Happy to inform you that you can the steps are so simple that you’ll look back at the series of “start a business cheap” pieces I’ve done and start seeing the common link between them. You should see it by now to be honest. But let’s count some of the steps to starting a hair business.

First thing you need to realize is that not everyone can afford Salon price. And I’m sure you’ve heard that old adage, practice makes perfect. And what better way to practice than starting with the basics. Dolls are cheap ways to get willing clients in your clutches. With dolls you don’t have to worry about being sued if you mess up. Best point about a doll is the ability to find them anywhere for almost any price. Flea markets are great places to find dolls for one dollar or even find them in bulk for one dollar. You can also start with simple braiding on friends heads, once you get good enough or you feel comfortable start telling them to tell people where they go their hair done. You can also use this practice to build your clientele for your future business as a professional.

Older people in their 30s or 40s typically start coloring their hair as grays start setting in. No hate mail please! But it’s true, what you can do is offer to help your older siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, or even parents of friends to color their hair for them. While doing this you can suggest highlights in their hair and begin practicing this way until you get the hang of it. As I mentioned before, practice makes perfect. And starting your Hair Salon business only takes practice and very little money with these techniques.

What about popular hairstyles? How will you know them? What about retro-hairstyles? One word. Magazines! Invest in magazines or go online and sign up for free newsletters. You can see the stars and their hairstyles or hairstyles that currently considered hot or trendy. With most men, the hairstyles are pretty basic and haven’t really changed much since time began. Women on the other hand will take a lot more studying and practicing in order to understand and grasp the concept of hair. You can also experiment with hairstyles to invent your own signature hairstyle. Just make sure it looks good or you could end up losing a client. I recommend developing your own hairstyle on a doll and asking friends and family what they think about it before you decide that will be your “It” hairstyle for the season.

So now we’ve talked about practicing and getting the techniques down right. What’s next? Startup and startup costs. There are extravagant ways, and there are really cheap ways to start a hair salon. I’m going with the cheap route here, so pay attention. My one warning here is, don’t skimp on the supplies. To start salon, you can have people pay for their own supplies in the onset of your venture. This saves you the overhead costs of buying and stocking items; you can also ask if you can keep the remaining product for the next visit. What I’d suggest is that you don’t spend your first few paychecks, instead invest in products you trust, mainly the basics like Combs, Heating brush, heating comb, hair brushes, chemicals, shampoos, or whatever you can afford with each payment you collect. After you’ve build a good cache just keep tabs on what you use and what you’ll need. You can also develop your own line of product in time if it suites you.

But since we’ve mentioned money, you, as a business owner need to understand what goes where. What I mean by this is, how much will you need to buy new products, how much product is used in a day / session, and how much money do you have for yourself? These are questions you should be asking yourself because you don’t want to waste money for anything or even take too much for yourself. You need a good balance. This is easier than you think, and most people organize that without even thinking. But it’s best to pencil it out so you know exactly what you need. Another suggestion is that you put a small amount away in an account for emergencies (Actually this is a real good idea).

Equipment like chairs can be purchased from, again, flea markets. Here these items are inexpensive and can save you a ton of money up front. There are other items you should shop for at these places to start just for the discount, you can upgrade at a later date when your client base is built and you are making enough.

What happens when you run out of friends for your hair salon? Remember I mentioned asking your friends to mention where they got heir hair done? This is called word-of-mouth advertising. It’s cheap and it’s most effective because you’re getting a live presentation from someone you worked on. There’s nothing better than seeing a live presentation. As many friends as will do this for you is a great thing, it means more people are talking about you.

Where can you start this? From the comfort of your own bedroom, you don’t need to rent a place because you have a place. Just make sure you pay your utility bills so they don’t shut you down. But this type of business can start from anywhere, if you feel ambitious enough and you have whatever credentials are required by the state, you can partner up with a barber. I’m sure he’ll be happy because it may increase his business as well. So ask around to see what you can do once you feel like expanding beyond your bedroom, house, or apartment. What I would suggest is, if you own a home turn one of the rooms or basement into your hair salon. Saves you rental fees, unless you really want that professional look. But in all honesty, your work speaks more than a building.

My last suggestion to you is an important one. At some point as your name spreads, you may want to insure yourself. Beauty is a very important industry to many, beauty itself is most important to many. As such, you will want to protect any property you have and yourself by insuring your work. This may require you to get certified in some states, but if you have the clientele, save the money and do it as soon as possible. For a few reasons, your clientele could grow exponentially because some people don’t want to come to you if you’re unlicensed or uninsured. As I said before, with your work and clients speaking for you, it could be all others are waiting on to come to you. Build and build until you are able to get licensed and insured and do it. Another reason is, if you get sued, it’s covered. Simple enough.

If I’ve forgotten anything my apologies, this was a late night run. But starting a Hair care business is not expensive or impossible. It takes a love of doing it, commitment, and hard work more than anything. In most cases one can begin the business without spending a dime up front. But rather having clients foot the bill for their own products and paying a small fee for labor. If you’re reading this and have any questions feel free to ask.

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