How To Soothe Sore Throat Naturally: Diet Tips to Speed Up the Healing Process of a Sore Throat

Updated September 28, 2011

Pharyngitis, better known as sore throat is the inflammation of the pharynx located near the end of the throat. Sore throat is an infection, basically by a group of streptococcus bacteria. This is a very common condition for people suffering from coughs and colds. Sometimes sore throat is a result of swollen tonsils or some other infection of the throat. Other causes of sore throat include shouting, talking loudly, excessive smoking, etc. Some of the sore throat symptoms include difficulty in swallowing, tender and swollen lymph glands, pain, fever and chills, and throat irritation. This irritating condition in the throat may become painful, and if ignored, may go on to become a severe throat infection. Knowing how to care for a sore throat can speed up the healing process of a sore throat.

Diet Tips to Soothe Sore Throat Naturally

Always follow healthy-eating guidelines when combating any infection, including a sore throat. Having a sore throat can be very painful. When you have a sore throat, you will need to avoid some of the things that will either cause it or aggravate it in terms of your diet. You will also need to eat healthy, healing foods to help speed up the healing process of a sore throat. Here are some tips to help you soothe sore throat naturally.

• Soothe your sore throat with warm liquids like tea and broth. Hot liquids also help speed up the healing process of a sore throat.

• When you have sore throat, any food that is hard to swallow can irritate your throat. It is best to avoid crunchy or spicy foods to prevent throat irritation.

• Soft, easy-to-chew foods are best when you are suffering from a sore throat. Foods that are easy on a sore throat include porridge, oatmeal, and soaked cereals that will be easier to swallow.

• Too sweet and too cold drinks can aggravate the condition of sore throat, so try to stay away from foods, which are very sweet and cold, to help speed up the healing process of a sore throat.

• Increase intake of vitamin B and C from food and supplements. The healing properties of these vitamins help to reduce throat irritation and soothe sore throat.

• Since dairy products promote mucus production, be sure to stay away from drinking dairy products while you have a sore throat.

• When you have a throat irritation, try to avoid liquor and other alcoholic drinks. It will help speed up the healing process of sore throat.

Although, most sore throats go away within a week without any treatment, there are easy home remedies to reduce throat irritation and soothe sore throat naturally. If you discover that your sore throat lasts longer than about 2 weeks, no matter what you try, you really should see a physician. Severe sore throat infections can indicate strep throat, bronchitis, and other more critical infections that really should be treated with antibiotics.