How to Sell Medical Surgical Gloves

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According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, some sales persons make more than $100,000 a year. The National Association of Medical Sales Representatives say, " medical sales professionals are some of the highest paid sales professionals in

You probably have heard someone say, " it is hard trying to make a living." The best way to make a living is to learn how to create your own income. You can learn how to sell medical surgical gloves. Medical gloves are used by almost all medical professionals. There is a high demand for exam gloves all-around the world. When ever a physician examines a patient, he is required to use medical gloves. The glove are worn one time and they are thrown away. Medical personnel wear these gloves to protect themselves from body fluids. It will be your goal to find the gloves and then sell these products to doctor's offices, dental offices, hospitals, surgery centers, nursing homes, and many other facilities. Build a list of repeat clients and you will definitely make money.

Things You'll Need:

Home Office

Basic Cell Phone

Relaible Transportation

Computer and Internet Access

List of Glove Manufacturers and Distributors

Step 1  Medical Sales Skills

Gain basic medical sales skills to help you learn how to sell medical surgical gloves. Get advice from glove medical sales representatives. Break into the industry by obtaining information from the National Association of Medical Sales Representatives at Subscribe to magazines and newsletters that publish information about selling surgical gloves.

Step 2 Register for Medical Sales Business License

Contact the city hall business license department to help you learn how to sell medical surgical gloves. Tell the clerk that you need to fill-out an application for a business license to sell medical latex gloves. Complete all the necessary paperwork and apply for your state's tax revenue identification number. Apply for a federal tax ID number by calling (800) 829-1040.

Step 3 Locate Medical Glove Companies

Locate medical glove companies to help you learn how to sell medical surgical gloves. Sign-up with 25 companies that sell surgical gloves. Make sure you sell powder-free, latex-free, vinyl, nitrile, and regular examination gloves. Keep in mind that there are many types of medical gloves on the market. Scroll down and click on Healthcare Glove Manufacturers to contact and find companies.

Step 4 Operating a Latex Glove Business

Sign contracts or agreements to help you sell medical surgical gloves. Meet or contact the person that is responsible for hiring sales representatives. Once you sign-up, get sales literature and samples of the gloves you will be selling. Call every business that you can think of that will need examination gloves. Setup appointments to see buyers and introduce your product and close the sale.

Tips to Consider:

Try to make at least 100 phone calls per day to potential clients.

Keep up with the latest advancements in the surgical glove industry.

Make sure your pricing is competitive in the market.

Try to join a Healthcare buying group such as Premier Healthcare Supply Chain or Med-Assets.

Get additional sales training from the glove companies if it is available.

Work from home until the sales allow you to expand and get help.

Warnings to Remember:

Be honest with all your customers and always treat them fairly.

Watch out for companies that have continuous glove back orders because customers hate back orders.

Make sure you make a profit and keep samples available.

Never sell inferior gloves because it will hurt your sales.

Return calls quickly because you do not want to miss a $10,000 sale.

Go the extra mile to help your customers.


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