How to Safely Clean Your Dog's Ears With Debrox

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Debox is used for the loosening and removal of ear wax and debris from the ears. Regular maintenance of your pets ears is important for good health and to ward of diseases and infections.

When you have a dog, it is sometimes easy to forget ear cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning your dog’s ears is an important aspect of healthy maintenance and care. Moisture can build in the ears, causing infections, fungi and mites. Some dogs, especially those with longer floppy ears, are more susceptible to these problems than others. Checking and cleaning the ears on a weekly basis should keep them in a good, healthy condition. Debrox is an ear drop solution used in loosening and removing ear wax from your dog’s ears.

In order to remove ear wax and debris, look into your dogs’ ears at least once weekly. A healthy ear will be a fleshy pink with no odor.

Clean excess dirt and ear wax by tilting your dogs’ head to one side, holding the ear erect.

Speak with your veterinarian about using Debrox to loosen the ear wax buildup in your dog’s ears. Place five drops of Debrox into the ear and follow with a cotton ball before repeating process with other ear.

Allow Debrox solution to remain in ear for about five minutes to loosen any excess wax and debris.

Remove the cotton balls with the drainage on them for disposal.

Use clean cotton balls with a small amount of pet ear cleaner, found at most pet stores. Wipe the entire inside of each ear until cotton ball comes out clean. Finish process with a dry cotton ball.

If your dog has a problem with excess wax and moisture, you may need to follow this procedure with Debrox at least twice a week. If it persists, call your veterinarian.

Additional tips regarding cleaning your dog’s ears - For dogs with excess fur, trim the surplus so that more air can circulate in the ear which helps to prevent repeat ear problems.

Do not use Q-tips or other brands of cotton swabs on sticks. They can push the wax and dirt further into the ear.

Use the cotton balls only as far as you can reach within the ear without digging into the ear drum.

If your dog’s ears are impacted with wax, take the dog to a vet. Do not attempt to remove the impaction yourself.

Regular ear cleaning and maintenance on your dog should begin as early as possible. Some dogs can be sensitive to having their ears cleaned but the process can be simplified if you begin during puppyhood. The older dog can be acclimated though it may take a little longer. Ear cleaning is an important part of dog hygiene.

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Posted on Jul 31, 2011