How to Promote Your Small Business

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How to run a small business and be the sole owner. They will learn different strategies to get their business name out to potential clients or customers

If you are self employed as I am, you know how difficult it can be to get business. It is even harder now that we are in a recession. Times are very hard for everyone, small businesses included. While large companies are getting "bail outs", we still have to run our business with the same techniques... except harder.

There are several ways to advertise your business and save money. You can start off by opening a Website for your business. For little money, you can start your Website, design it yourself or have help from a professional. You can have up to four pages if necessary to show all that you have to offer, depending on what your business is.

Once you have established your Website, you can then use Twitter and other sharing sites to get your name out there. Using to place your Website is also a good place to start. You can have it placed on for free and as your business grows, you can pay to have it featured better than the free submission.

Get the word out to local businesses. Make business cards. They do not have to be made to look like a professional. Just come up with a nice look to it with the pertinent information on it and of course, how to reach you. Make sure that you put your Website on there as well. If you do not run a business that is a restaurant, then you can ask local restaurants if you could place your business cards at the registers or nearby. Some have special places in the restaurant for businesses to place their cards.

Using my private investigation business as a reference, you can send letters of your rates and your services to local attorneys. Make sure to include several business cards. For these cards, I would laminate them and make them color or add your business picture on it or logo. This is highly effective, especially if you add that your rates are fair and meets the demands of the economy today.

Either build or have built a sign with banners on it to place somewhere near a main road. Ask friends if you could use the space to advertise your business. You can have banners made professionally for little money. The banners can have all of your information on it, including your web site. Anything you do to get your name and business out will help you a lot.

Once you have established your business and begin working, and you have a regular clientele, then word of mouth can go a long way. Make sure that you do the best job that you can to get customers to call you.


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Posted on Dec 10, 2009
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