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How to Reverse Tooth Decay

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There are natural ways to reverse tooth decay to avoid getting your cavity filled at the dentist.

Many people think that if they have a tooth that is decaying they automatically have to go to the dentist and get a root canal, get the cavity filled or get the tooth pulled. This is absolutely wrong. There are natural and healthy ways to reverse tooth decay in your mouth.

The first thing you need to do is remind yourself that you can indeed reverse tooth decay no matter what anyone says. Teeth aren’t dead in your mouth, they are just like your arms and legs. If you break your arm or leg, you don’t need to get it removed. You wait for the break to heal by helping it along. You can reverse tooth decay and make your mouth healthy as well.

Next, you need to remember to keep your teeth clean. It is important to keep your teeth clean. Brush and floss often, especially after each meal. Keeping your teeth clean will help prevent tooth decay. Use a natural toothpaste instead of commercial toothpastes that can be purchased at any store. Finding a toothpaste that doesn’t contain fluoride is important. Instead of using actual toothpaste you can use baking soda as well.

Since tooth decay is caused by living bacteria, it is important to kill the bacteria that is in your mouth. Colloidal silver is one way that can kill bacteria. Simply swish colloidal silver in your mouth after each time you brush and floss.

While you are rinsing your mouth with colloidal silver and continue to brush and floss often, you can remineralize your teeth by changing your diet and intaking the correct supplements. Check out your local health food store to find out what supplements they have available to promote healthy teeth and gums. Calcium, magnesium and iron are just a few supplements that your hair and teeth need to stay healthy. Avoid foods that form acid like refined sugar and flour. By eating this your body becomes more acidic. By having a high acidic level you are just inviting cavities to form.

Lastly, swish sunflower oil in your mouth twice a week to promote the healing of your teeth. If you want to remineralize your teeth it is important to use sunflower oil. Local health food stores and even some local grocery stores carry this oil.

Having a cavity can be very painful. Cavities are usually very sensitive to cold, hot and air. Remineralizing your teeth and reversing tooth decay is important for a healthy mouth and a healthy body.


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