How to Replace the Rocker Arm (Valve) Cover on All 1996 - 2000 Honda Civic LX / Del Sol 1.6L 4 Cyl Engines

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How to replace the rocker arm (valve) cover on all 1996 - 2000 Honda Civic LX / del Sol 1.6L 4 cyl engines.

Removal & Installation

Fig. Use a ratchet to remove the bolts from the valve cover

Fig. Note the condition of each washer

Fig. Lift the valve cover off the cylinder head

Fig. Remove the spark plug tube grommets (see next step)

Fig. (continued from previous step) and inspect them for wear

To remove:

  1. Remove the spark plug wires by twisting side to side and gently pulling. Note or label their location and place aside.
  2. Starting from the outside, working inward, using a 10mm wrench or socket with an extension and ratchet, remove the fasteners securing the valve cover to the cylinder head.
  3. If equipped, remove all hoses and brackets.
  4. Carefully lift the cover off the cylinder head. Use care to not loose the sealing grommets when lifting the cover. Place the cover upright in a clean, protected area. If the cover is stuck onto the cylinder head, using a suitable prytool carefully pry the cover upward at the corners. Move each corner no more than a 1 / 16 th of an inch at a time.

To install:

  1. Thoroughly clean and inspect the gasket surface of the cover and cylinder head. Rubbing alcohol or a suitable brake cleaner works well for this application. WARNING: Protect the eyes and exposed skin from contact with cleaning agents. Do not use near an open flame.
  2. Inspect the rubber valve cover gasket, the sealing grommets, and the seal around the spark plug holes. If the gasket or seals are brittle, cracked or damaged, replace them. If the old gasket and seals are not worn or damaged they can be reused once cleaned. To clean the valve cover gasket: A. Place the gasket in a suitable, clear plastic bag. B. Spray a small amount of brake cleaner, or pour about 2 ounces of rubbing alcohol into the bag. C. Close the end of the bag and swish the cleaning fluid around, making certain the entire gasket has been thoroughly saturated. D. Do not leave the gasket in the bag for more than 5 minutes. E. Remove the gasket, and wipe clean with a paper towel or clean soft cloth.
  3. Apply a liquid, non-hardening gasket sealant, such as Honda sealant part No. 08718-0001 or 08718-0003 to the valve cover side of the spark plug opening seals and press them into the valve cover.
  4. Install the valve cover gasket securely into the groove in the valve cover.
  5. Apply a 1 / 2 inch bead of sealant to the corners of the gasket, where the gasket meets the cylinder head and the camshaft journal cap.
  6. Install the grommets if removed, and tighten the valve cover fasteners from the inside out evenly in three steps. Tighten the fasteners to a torque of 86 inch lbs. (9.8 Nm).
  7. The remainder of the assembly procedure is the reverse of the removal sequence.

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