How To Reduce Stress by Taking a Shower

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In this busy world there are so many demands on our time. We work and work just to still have more to get done. We care for our spouses, homes, and kids daily. We go and go until it seems like we can not go any more. When that feeling comes along you know

Are you over worked? Overwhelmed? Do you need to unwind and re-energize? A great way to do all this and more is to take a shower.

Stress is a good bad thing. A little stress is healthy. It keeps us on the ball, motivated, always moving forward. Too much stress is un-healthy. It can leave us feeling drained and unable to go on. To prevent stress levels from raising to that point it is important to do little things for yourself that help you to reduce the stress, and to feel better.

Showering can help people to feel better. When you take a shower you are alone. Having that time to yourself, by yourself can help to reduce your stress levels greatly. It’s just the simple act of taking a few minutes to be alone that does it. It also makes people feel better to do something nice for themselves.

The warm soothing water can do wonders to help relax not only your mind, but also your body. Sore, stiff, cramping muscles are affected by the heat of the water. As your stress washes down the drain your muscles will relax as well. So, by taking a 10 minute long hot shower you can ease your mind and some of your pain.

The sweet smells of shampoos, conditioners, and soaps can help to reduce your stress levels too. It’s like shower aroma therapy. When we smell pleasant smelling things it releases feel good chemicals in our brains. That’s the main purpose of aroma therapy. Too activate those feel good chemicals and to feel better. So the next time you are shopping for shampoos, soaps, etc., take a moment to smell them before you decide to buy. Choose fragrances that you love to convert your shower into an aroma therapy spa.