How to Raise a Virgo Child

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A Virgo child is easy to raise, but often hard to please. A child born under the Sign of Virgo (August 24 - September 23) is generally easy to raise, although sometimes difficult to please.

A child born under the Sign of Virgo (August 24 - September 23) is generally easy to raise, although sometimes difficult to please. As mother or father, you will be expected to be a perfect parent: understanding, organized, and efficient. If none (or all) of those words describe you, expect a somewhat petulant child, who likes to keep to him or herself - studying the finer details of bugs & butterflies; stamps & coins, chess or difficult card games. (On the other hand, you could become more organized). A Virgo child is an excellent student, and, as a parent, you will be grateful for the fact your Virgo child loves school and excels at it.

Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac, and it is ruled by Mercury. It is also the 2nd sign to be ruled by Mercury (the first is Gemini). But Gemini and Virgo are so opposite, you would hardly put them in the same sentence. The Virgo child is much more likely to sit still, if you suggest or demand it, more happily if s/he has a book to read. You will not likely have to tell little Virgo to put this book away. Virgo will arrange the books by subject matter in his or her room. You won't have to say a word.

Since Virgo loves routine and organization, you can expect him or her to want to eat and sleep at approximately the same time every day and night. If you change the schedule, Virgo is likely to become agitated and morose, even though s/he may not know why. If you have given Virgo a clock or a wrist watch, expect your child to be counting the minutes and the hours and to develop a rather uncanny sense of time.

Some times Virgo children tend to be a bit shy, so you might want to introduce them to group activities. Virgo is hearty and even a bit robust, but not always so interested in sports. This lack of interest may be due to the fact sports are rarely perfect (the missed fly ball catch in baseball; the soccer kick that goes wide of net). I think golf is the perfect sport for Virgo - so precise and exact. You might want to introduce young Virgo to golf at an early age and watch him or her take to it like a duck takes to water. (Not to mention an errant golf ball).

Since Virgos tend to be rather sensitive, they may call your attention to smells, noise and the "feel" of things. Virgo's sensitivity is one of the more wonderful attributes of this Earth child, so be careful not to complain or belittle your Virgo for his or her sensitivities.  The Virgo child's sensitive nature extends to eating. Virgo children are prone to digestive problems, food intolerance or allergic reactions. You might have already noticed this when Virgo was a baby, but be alert to it as s/he reaches toddler and school age. If Virgo violently pushes a type of food away, or spits it out, it's a sign that the food is not agreeing with him or her. Virgos intuitively understand their bodies, so as parents, you can help by offering whole foods, fresh fruits and vegetables. Your Virgo child is unlikely to be a fan of fast food or fatty foods. This is a really good (Virgo) Sign when it comes to life long healthy eating.

In sum, Virgo children are generally sweet and compliant, happy to please. But they must have space and freedom to explore their interests to depths you might not have imagined in a child so young. Watch that Virgo does not become too analytical or uptight; stressed about something s/he can not control. Virgo children need praise, reassurance and compliments - they shrink if you criticize them. If you can teach your Virgo child that perfection is a goal not a necessity, you may limit some of the stress. Even better, if you can teach that other attributes are as important as perfection, you will have gone a long way towards de-stressing your child.



Sy Kravitz
Posted on Aug 26, 2009
Posted on Aug 26, 2009