How to Put Together Lingerie Looks Like the Client List Riley Parks

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If you have seen Jennifer Love Hewitt in the Client List you may have noticed that her work calls for her to wear lots of nice lingerie. If you are interested in dressing up for someone special, her outfits can provide some good inspiration. Read on for a

Most of Riley’s lingerie looks are simply a nice bra and underwear set worn under her white uniform shirt. Sometimes though she wears lingerie associated with particular theme. For example, once she dressed up as a sexy corporate woman and another time she donned a French maid look for her partner. Let’s take a look at how to create these three different looks:

Look One: Nice lingerie under a white shirt

The simple combination of wearing lingerie under a white shirt can be very effective. Firstly, many men find it sexy because it gets their mind thinking, but still leaves something to the imagination. And for women it can help make them feel more comfortable when faced with parading around in their lingerie as it provides you with a little more coverage.

You could even borrow a shirt from guy’s closet and wear it over nice lingerie you own. If your lingerie could do with some updating Victoria’s Secret sells a great range of sexy lingerie. Victoria’s Secret also sells several looks that replicate styles Riley has worn. For example, they sell styles with a little bling like Riley’s above. They also sell Black and White lingerie.

Look Two: the sexy corporate look

In this look Riley has under a Black jacket over her White shirt and really played up the lingerie she is wearing underneath. In addition, she is wearing a pair of glasses to create the corporate side of the look. If you don’t wear glasses, you will find faux styles at costume stores. Notice how she wears nude colored thigh highs with her suspenders. These reflect the corporate image on the outside and then her Black and Red lingerie spices things up underneath. Mixing proper items with sexy items can be very provocative.

Look Three:  A French maid outfit

The French maid outfit is one of those classic lingerie ensembles you will find at adult lingerie stores. For example, CorsetChick sells a complete French maid outfit, as shown below. This three piece set even includes the feather duster and only costs $27.99. CorsetChick also sells a great range of other costumes if you are feeling inspired. However, if this is a bit too much for you, you could always wear a nice Black and white lingerie set and simply add a real feather duster to create the French Maid feel. This is also a good option if you find shopping for bedroom costumes embarrassing as no one will ever know what you are using that feather duster for. 

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Posted on Oct 26, 2012