How to Properly Enjoy a Bong

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How to use a bong, how to keep a bong resin free - an introduction to bongs

In marijuana culture, smoking paraphernalia are a novelty. The reason? Most well-made bongs and pipes are made of glass, cannot fit into a pocket and must be filled with water to use. Despite the inconvenience of these fragile bud bowls, they are nonetheless very enjoyable.

First, it is best to purchase your own bong. I am not just saying this because of advertisements. It is because of hygiene. You see, marijuana smokers don't usually clean their bongs, what happens is resin tends to build up inside these filthy abominations and it just looks, smells and tastes terrible.

To avoid this, you can usually find bongs at local convienience stores, especially small businesses. Bongs can range anywhere from $20 - $200, but my advice is to buy the cheapest glass bong that is big enough to fit comfortably in one hand.

Cleaning a Bong:

Pour out old water after its use every time

Rinse the bong after every use

Use rubbing alcohol or other kind of grease remover to clean the bong every two weeks

Okay, now you have your new bong in hand. Your next step is filling the bong with water. When filling a bong with water, be careful not to put too much water in! The water should be filled until it covers the stem by 1 cm. No more is necessary. To properly enjoy a bong, one must be comfortable, preferably in a sitting position. Pack marijuana lightly into the bowl and turn the bong until the bowl faces away from you. The bong should be tilted towards you, this ensures the stem will stay underwater and also keep the water away from your lips.

Exhale, then place your mouth over the pipe. Now pay attention, light the marijuana while sucking in air gently. Stop the flame when the marijuana is lit. As soon as smoke fills the chamber, pull out the stem and inhale. Hold the smoke in for at least five seconds. Exhale. Cough.

If you didn't cough, congratulations! You are ready for a bigger bong hit. Pass the bong to your left and wait until it comes around again. This time, repeat what you did until you are about to light the weed.

Exhale. Light the weed. Now, place your lips on the pipe and inhale hard. You will see a very pure white smoke arise in the chamber. Get ready. Pull out the stem and inhale like there's no more air.

It's okay if you couldn't hold it in. It's okay even if you puke. If you didn't and this article is new information for you, you deserve a pat on the back.

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