How to Prevent Weight Gain After Miscarriage

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How to Prevent Weight Gain After Miscarriage! Miscarriage can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a woman’s life. Miscarriage can be accompanied by weight gain in some cases. For reducing the chances of miscarriage in the next pregnancy,

Miscarriage can be devastating for any woman. If you had a recent miscarriage, physical and emotional recovery can take some time. The trauma associated with it can cause weight gain. Weight gain can occur due to mental trauma and hormonal changes. Mental trauma can leads to overeating. and overeating causes weight gain.  If you are keen to prevent weight gain after miscarriage, simply follow these prevention tips on how to avoid weight gain after miscarriage.

Take time to recover

After a miscarriage, body takes time to recover. Due to high level of hormones, weight loss cannot happen suddenly. Take plenty of rest, good nutritious food and avoid stress instead of fretting over the weight. Allow the body to heal and you can expect few weeks for complete physical recovery.

Eat a well-balanced meal

Take a balanced meal and avoid eating food rich in fat and high in sugar. Include different types of food and eat in small quantities. Instead of three big meals, take smaller portions of food 5-6 times a day. Focus on including food rich in iron to replace the blood loss occurred during miscarriage.

Switch to pre-pregnancy diet

 If you were eating more during your pregnancy, it is important to switch back to pre-pregnancy normal diet. Make sure to include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. A healthy diet is important to avoid weight gain.

Go for walks

Sufficient rest for the body and simple exercises are essential to avoid weight loss. Vigorous exercises are not recommended as body needs to recover from miscarriage. Walks in the neighbourhood can ease the stress and trauma of miscarriage.

Drink plenty of water

Water helps to detoxify the body and also helps to avoid overeating. Drink plenty of water at meal times and during the day to avoid weight gain.

Avoid emotional eating

Lonely feeling can occur after a miscarriage and it is natural to reach for comfort foods to overcome the emotions. Snacking on high calorie foods can cause weight gain. So when you feel lonely, try something else.  Play an online game or invite someone for a chat instead of reaching for snacks.

Stop worrying about weight gain

Worrying can add more stress and prevent you from losing weight. Look ahead and be happy. Only a happy individual can make good choices in diet, exercise and for overall well-being.

Be in the company of healthy people

Happy and healthy folks around you can encourage you to be happy. If you surround yourself with exercise enthusiasts and you are more likely to exercise. If you surround yourself with encouraging folks, you will be encouraged to positively look forward rather than grieving over the past.

Being overweight can cause miscarriage. So make sure to lose some extra pounds through exercise and proper diet before you plan your next pregnancy! For a healthy and safe pregnancy next time start taking care of yourself from today! 

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Amera Khanam
Posted on Apr 19, 2012