How To Prevent Dangerous Snakes From Coming Around Your Home: Local And Conventional Methods

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Snakes could pose a serious health concern; especially when they are creeping around the house and compound and you have got children around. There are simple local methods you could use to totally eradicate snakes from coming around your homes and this a

Though scientists say that the majority of snakes in the world are not dangerous, I don’t think anyone would like to take that chance. Personally, I have a lot of respect for snakes and that respect makes me keep my distance from them. I wouldn’t want to find out personally if a snake is dangerous or not. A single bite from a snake could put a lot of strain to your well being.

In my view, I believe all the snakes in Nigeria are dangerous. I might be paranoid, but I think the harsh weather conditions and rugged atmosphere must have made all the snakes dangerous and desperate. Now you laugh; but I am dead serious.

In Nigeria, there are many species of snakes and though am not an expert in snakes, they all seem dangerous. I would gladly pay a large sum to see a snake charmer charm a snake from Nigeria. That would be a sight. Due to so many snakes found here, we have developed several local and conventional ways of chasing away snakes and preventing them from coming into human abodes or creeping into homes. In this article, I will show you two of the ways you could prevent dangerous snakes from creeping into your homes.

Two Methods Of Preventing Snakes From Creeping Into Homes

If you are really serious about the wellbeing of your family and yourself; then consider checking out the two methods below. Prevention is always better than a good cure.

  • Using Bitter Kola and Grinded Maize

Bitter kola and maize is a very effective method of eradicating snakes from around the neighborhood; it doesn’t matter the specie or kind of snakes or how big. Grind the bitter kola and mix it up with grinded maize. Spread it around the areas frequented by snakes or around the compound or around your house. Snakes will keep their distance from your house.

  • Using Grinded Pepper and Onion Leaves

Grinded pepper and onion leaves are also effective in preventing snakes from creeping into your house. Anything that is of harsh smell put snakes off. They are able to detect the offensive smell that does weaken and even kill them because of the constant flicking of the tongue.

The two methods above are what we use in Nigeria in preventing snakes creeping into the house or coming into the compounds. I am aware of the western community using sulphur and moth balls. I don’t know how effective those are but this seemingly local methods, though simple have been effective in Nigeria.

Is you compound infested by snakes? Are you afraid that snakes would creep into your house? Then try one or the two methods above and you will have nothing to worry about. However, ensure that you do so like two times a week so as to maintain the strong smell. A heavy flood or rain could also eliminate the potency of the two methods above.


Roberta Baxter
Posted on Feb 26, 2012
Roberta Baxter
Posted on Feb 25, 2012