How to Play Guitar Like Sung Ha Jung

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See these tips how to play guitar Sung Ha Jung. Be amazed how easy it is to make the guitar "sing".

Sung Ha Jung is a Korean boy who plays guitar excellently. Not one of his videos on Youtube won't have 1 million + views. It is because this boy, starting from his childhood, had dedicated his time playing the guitar. He masters the whole fretboard, the notes, the sound, and others which concerns the deeper way of playing the guitar. Of course, he is passionate of playing it, and it takes a lot of time for him to study a song, and perform it later on.

Many people are amazed of this boy. He has played many songs like Billie Jean, Tears in Heaven, Wonderful Tonight, and many more. The way he played these is not the mere way of strumming. He make the guitar "sing" without removing the bass sounds from it. That's why he is popular worldwide and all his viewers in Youtube are truly amazed with him.

All sorts of can play like him, even though not that exactly as his works. It is not hard if dedication is always present in you. Here some tips on how to play guitar like him, but before that here are some tips and ways on how he plays.

Now here are some tips in playing guitar, especially in the way Sung Ha Jung plays it.

1. Find the root chord. Most songs have their root chord determined in the intro, the chorus or the verse. Just play around the fretboard in the first or second string, and if you find the identical sound, you have found the root chord of the song.

2. Find the bass chords. After you found the root chord, go for the bass now. Example the song I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, the root chord is B, then follow the flow of the song, then you should find that it has the bass chords: B-F#-G#-E (no minor for the bass).

3. Listen to the tune of the song. This is the one that takes a lot of time, since you use the skill of listening. When you listen to a song, listen to a song. This means, stick to one song until you got it. Patience and determination to learn are the keys. Do not hesitate to pluck every fret in the last string and the other strings, you will get it later on.

4. Use a capo if needed. This is like raising the tuning of the guitar without disturbing the sound quality of the strings. Just follow the chord sequence of the song, then transpose it upward or downward according to your comfortable finger position

C - C# - D - D# - E - F - F# - G - G# - A - A# - B - C.

5. After you have done this, practice and practice and practice and practice, and then clean your work.

It's not hard to play guitar like Sung Ha Jung. Adlibs are not important, though they are suggested. Just be passionate and determined to learn a song, you will finally make it. Remember, "Practice makes perfect." . Try and try untill you succeed.


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