How to Origami Cool Christmas Decorations and Gifts

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To make simple origami models, easy origami instruction and origami diagrams are available in origami books and origami videos which teaches, how to do origami folding with gift or origami paper

What is Origami?

It is an art of transforming a sheet of material to complex designs by folding without use of glue or cutting. People who love challenge, beauty and explore new things can practice this unique art. Origami is for everyone, whether you are old or young it is immaterial. This ancient art form still continues to fascinate people all around the world. With benefits galore with Origami you can use this art to your advantage.

History of origami

Origami origin can be traced back to China .It was first introduced to the world by Ts'ai Lun, a servant of the Chinese emperor but it really become very popular in Japan. Moors developed geometric origami models and introduced this art to the west. Oldest book published is Hiden Senbazuru Orikata , "The Secret of One Thousand Cranes Origami". Origami art was given a big boost when Eleanor Coerr published a book named "Sadako and One Thousand Cranes", which was used to promote international peace movement.

Handy models you can create are:

Some of the cool origami items you can make are origami wallet, origami dragons, 3d origami, origami envelop, origami rabbit, origami Pokémon, origami swan, origami Christmas tree, origami birds, origami owl, origami stars, origami elephant, origami ball, origami cube, money origami, origami dog, origami cranes and many more.

In fabric origami we use fabric instead of paper. To make the fabric foldable and retains its shape fabric stiffeners are used. It gives a softer look than traditional paper origami. 

Benefits you get by practicing origami.

  • It activates the right and left hemispheres of the brain as hand and brain is used concurrently, which helps to improves motor skill.
  • It is used mental health programs as physical therapy.
  • It is a great source of entertainment and fun.
  • Psychologists use origami as a tool for their patients.
  • Used as a tool by teachers.
  • Sequencing skills can be enhanced.
  • It can relieve stress.
  • It develops eye hand dexterity,
  • It improves reading and Writing Skills
  • It activates creative thinking;
  • It improves memory.

Christmas origami

Origami art can be effetely used during for Christmas time by making beautiful items with very own hands and offer it as gift to your loved ones. What fascinates many is that origami gifts and decorations are so cheap to make. Most of the models in the pictures listed below are made out of scraps of gift paper.

    Enjoy Christmas with your loved ones by engaging them with this beautiful art of papers making.



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