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How to Naturally Induce Labor - Bring On The Baby!

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How to induce labor naturally

If you have found yourself full term or past full term in your pregnancy, you may have found yourself in an interesting predicament. Being so big and so uncomfortable may lead you to dreaming or begging for the day when you're little one can come out to play. On top of that, you probably have doctors who want to schedule you for a chemical induction, which can be a bit scary.

So if you find yourself in this situation, you might be thinking about finding natural ways to induce labor, before the allopaths get anywhere near you with that needle. There's nothing wrong with that, and by all means, we all know that natural ways are often easier for everyone.

So to help you figure out how to induce labor naturally, I've got some steps for you to follow. Though I must warn anyone who follows this method, to be prepared for labor to start sooner than you might expect, so make sure you are ready for it to happen and that you are not preterm. Otherwise you might find yourself in a worse predicament than you originally thought you were in.

So let's bring on the baby with these steps on How to Naturally Induce Labor

1. Prepare yourself mentally. This is one of the most important steps, because if you have a conflicting mindset, you find yourself in a conflicting physical state as well. The important part is to put yourself in a place of clarity without fear. You won't be totally fear free obviously, but you need to disconnect from the mindset that you should be afraid of labor pains or anything else involved with childbirth. Instead, understand that the fear is actually excitement for the coming event and that any pain you feel is a good thing. It means that what you are doing is working and that soon your bouncing baby will be out and in your arms. Not to mention, studies have shown that women who were in control of their fear, were less likely to be in so much pain with labor. So you've got plenty of reason to keep clarity in your mental state whether or not you're trying to naturally induce labor. Concentrate and meditate on these thoughts consistently.

2. Set your intent. Do you want your baby to come out today? In a few days? In a weeks time? Labor is often easier handled when you have some time to get used to everything, so I would suggest setting labor to start within a day and be finished by the end of the week. Otherwise everything could hit you all at once and that would be way more traumatic and could cause more delays. You also want to decide whether you want the contractions to come on, or if you want your water to break first. If your water breaks, there won't be much time for getting used to contractions, though the labor will be done with sooner. I'd recommend contractions first, as it's easier on your brain and your body, but the choice is ultimately yours.

3. Visualize you desire. Form the picture in your head, of holding your baby in your arms. He or she is gazing up at you for the first time, as you lovingly gaze back down, happy to have them out of your body and into your arms. Picture it as clearly as you can. Then take yourself backwards through the steps to get there. Imagine what it took to get that baby out and into your arms. First he or she had to come out of you. So picture then being cleaned up, then picture them having come out of you. Imagine feeling them crowning, then being in the birth canal, then being above your dilated cervix. Go back to when they were engaged in your pelvis, as your cervix effaced and started dilating. This is when the contractions started.... If this visualization is to hard or unusual to follow, then go through it in forward motion. Imagine your baby engaging, your cervix effacing and dilating. Picture your baby moving downward slowly as contractions start, until the whole process leads to the birth of your little bundle of joy. Picture this often and consistently, remembering your intent of how soon you want things to start and last.

4. Prepare your nest.. Nesting often happens spontaneously when it's almost time for baby to come, but it also works well in reverse, to help encourage the baby to come out. Mostly because when you start getting your home completely ready for baby, that sends signals to your body and your baby, that now is the perfect time to come into the world. Not only that, but the exercise of getting everything ready, especially standing and walking tasks, will help gravity do a lot of the work.

5. Stimulate your nipples while imagining that baby is suckling and happy. Remember to stimulate the area around your nipple more than anything, and roll them between your fingers as if baby was eating. This will help to bring oxytocin into your body and cause your uterus to start contracting. Be very careful to only do one nipple at a time, and not to continue stimulating through a contraction, otherwise you'll stop the contraction. Also, many find its best to only stimulate for five minutes, then to wait at least 15 minutes before trying again.

6. Talk to your baby. Many researchers have found that baby is largely in control of letting your body know when he or she wants to come out. When they are ready, the send out more oxytocin and signal for the body to get ready to give birth to them. So spend time actually talking to your baby, both out loud and in your head. Let them know that it's safe for them to come out, that you want them to come so you can finally hold them. Hold the toys and clothes you have for them and think about how great it will be to show them to your baby. Send mental images to your almost newborn, happy thoughts of people that are waitng to meet them, of the new world they'll get to explore.

7. Stay calm. When contractions start to come, try to keep yourself calm. It could be scary when they come to you, especially if your wait has been long before trying to induce naturally. Or it could be very exciting. Both have a way of slowing down labor, which is what you don't want. So when you start to feel contractions, remind yourself to stay calm and peaceful. Remind yourself that you are not afraid, that the pain is good and that will happier if the labor continues and produces an easy labor and birth of your baby. Every time you feel a contraction, think happy thoughts, as this will encourage them to continue and baby to prepare.

Everyone is different, so your results from these steps might come within hours or it might still be up to a week before you see results. If your mindset is to conflicting, you might find yourself with braxton hicks and not true contractions, or you might go in and out of early labor. None of these are bad things though, so don't let your mindset turn into pessimism or allow yourself to get unmotivated. If you want a natural way to induce, instead of a chemical way, then you will find a way to get there. Good luck.

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Guimo Pantuhan
Posted on Jul 27, 2011

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