How to Manage Obsessional Type High Blood Pressure? Some Tips to Consider

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The psychosomatic type of blood pressure, created by obsessional thinking about health, generally does not yield to anti depressant drugs.self -hypnosis together with certain herbal drugs can eradicate its tendency to reoccur---

High blood pressure or commonly called hypertension is no disease in itself but it is the mother of all diseases related to heart and vascular system. When the arterial blood has to exert more pressure on the muscular walls of arteries and veins; than it gives rise to high blood pressure Owing to the complex and complicated life style of modern life, high blood pressure is on the rise in a very alarming manner. Even the teenagers have been found suffering from blood pressure. Blood pressure has been listed as the major disease in the category of silent killer diseases. The high blood pressure may be classified into two broad categories.

Pathological blood pressure

Pathological blood pressure is that, which has its origin in pathological conditions of body or vascular system. It is generally   old age phenomenon. With advance of age when blood becomes viscous and having high concentration of cholesterols in the blood stram it starts to build up in the arteries and veins. This condition of blood vessels is termed as artherosclerosis. In artherosclerosis heavy plaques of blood are formed in the lumen of arteries and these  start retarding  the normal blood flow in the  arteries. Against the build up of plaques in arteries the heart muscles has to exert more  force to keep the supply of blood normal in the body. This type of plaque formation in arteries and coronary arteries of heart is major reason of coronary heart disease or commonly called CAD. It is not anxiety or stress related at all ,but it is rather slow insidious degenerative process of  arteries and veins or blood circulation

Obsession related blood pressure

This type of blood pressure is not found in aged persons above fifty years of age, rather it is frequently found in young persons belonging to adolescent age or in teenagers. it is stress or obsession related. When the victim of this disease thinks obsessively about blood pressure or pulse , he begins to have raised level of blood pressure At rest or when srress free there is no elevation of blood pressure.. Repeated checking of pulse for checking/confirming the  elevated blood pressure, whether it is high or low becomes obsession with the victim.. This type of psychosomatic blood pressure is the product of the vicious circle of anxiety health and anxiety health again leading to blood pressure .Anxiety health and blood pressure both intermingle in each..This is commonly seen in very hypersensitive and hypochondrical persons. The person who are very conscious rather anxious about their heath; even minor lesion or aberration in their body tissues may trigger the panic/anxiety attack and consequent blood pressure. Such youngsters  become very compulsive and neurotic in their health behavior .They go on checking their blood pressure repeatedly and repeatedly, inspite of the fact that it is normal most of the time.But the inner anxiety and impulsiveness compells them to check the pulse or blood pressure. In a way they find little excuse to go to their doctor to get it checked by the doctor. A minor pain or cramp in the chest or heart region  may overwhelm their mind completely ,  they becomes so agitated and anxious that they can not rest unless they themselves check or get it checked by their family doctor. so they run up to the doctor desperately. More and more younger people  are becoming prey to this kind of blood pressure. It is usually accompanied by very acute symptoms, like palpitations, choking, chest pains, squeezing pain in heart region  ,sharp stitching bodily pains in organs, sweating  on forehead  and shortness of breathor dyspnoea. These panick attacks /anxiety attacaks usually take place within 5-10 minutes and do not last long. The symptoms may be misdiagnosed as a serious medical emergency like heart attack / arrhythmia or angina pectoris. Individual seeking treatment will usually describe the fear as intense and report that they were about to die or have a heart attack presentation of death is very great during these anxiety episodes.. They even have an urgent desire to escape from the place where the attack occurred. This intense irrational fear may get worse if the panic attack continues in these panicky situations the blood pressure  is bound to rise to abnormal limits.

How to manage this obsessive type blood pressure ?or panicky /anxiety type blood pressure? Here are some  time tested tips /suggestions to follow to get rid of this kind of anxiety related blood pressure.

Synthetic/chemical drugs

If you are taking pills/ drugs or anti blood pressure drugs reduce them  to the minimum level.. These drugs are in a way affecting you health adversely. They may lower the blood pressure instantly by their crude strength temporarily but in  the long run they will create a vicious circle in your body .when you feel that your blood pressure is raised you will take a pill reliving the condition but again your health anxiety will rise future.. The psychiatrists advise such patients to reduce their drug intake to the mimimum level..

Anti –anxiety drugs

Anti anxiety drugs are tranquilizers that relive anxiety states by slowing down the  abnormal activity of the central nervous system. Their relaxing and soothing effects have made them very popular among masses. people have started taking these drugs on their own on the counter even without the advice of the doctorl. In  punjab state of india this has become a major health problem. Anti-anxiety drugs are the most widely prescribed type of medication for anxiety. They are also prescribed as sleeping pills and muscle relaxants .some common over the counter used of these drugs are: valium, (diazepam) ativan (lorazepam), xanax (alprazolam), klonpin (lorazepam) Anti-anxiety drugs like benzodiazepines work by reducing brain activity. While this temporarily relieves anxiety, it can also lead to unwanted and adverse side effects.These anti depressant drugs are major blow to the self regulating immune system of the body..The prolonged use of these drugs can create many serios problems in the long run.

Consult your psychiatrist

I have already said that this type of blood pressure in not pathology related.So crude drugs can not cure it completely or erdicate the tendecy to reoccur.  Rather these drugs tend to increase the anxiety states in the long run .. The psychiatrist after through counseling will make you understand the psychological factors contributing to this condition by .taking into account your life situatio and family background. He will advise you to stop doing certain things in life .


Take plenty of cold water

Natural water is great medicine. There is no substitute to natural watear.Our body  weight consists of i 80% water Water purges out all the toxic substances of our blood through kidneys. Take at least eight glasses of water in a day. The blood composition contains more than 95% of water. The cool refreshing drink of water will  help lower your blood pressure during obsessional episode or panicky/anxiety  attacks. The refreshing coolness of water may hydrate you and cause a naturally relaxing effect on nervous system. Specifically, high blood pressure during a panic attack or compulsive neurosis attack could be caused by the adrenaline. The adrenaline creates the anxiety or panic attack in the first place. Adrenaline is one major cause for palpitations of the heart or for the faster heart beat. The blood being pumped through your body goes faster and faster, that may result in high blood pressure.water has great solvent action on adrenaline.

Self hypnosis


Self hypnosis is very effective a technique in psycho somatic diseases. psychosomatic diseases are the creation of our own unconscious mind and these can not be cured by medicines alone.Now it is confirmed fact that many a diseases of modern man are of psycho somatic origin, especially diseses of blood origin.. Take a self hypnosis session daily in the morning giving sound suggestions to your mind yourself by closing your eyes with a relaxed posture. yoga exercises with self hypnosis may prove very beneficial in this condition.. Say to you “I am all right. I have no blood pressure at all., i am hale and hearty. ,  blood pressure is my own psychic creation or delusion. I will not go  to any doctor  now., as I have no blood pressure Etc .The thinking process of suchyoungsters  becomes degenerative and  awefully negative. Negative feelings about everything especially about health and life go on rising continuously in the mind. Make these negative feeling positive by self suggestions and self assertion.. start taking positive view of life and health..Leave the habit of complaining or grumbling at fate or others.

Live in present

Human mind most of the time either wanders or dwells on the romanticism of past or dreaming beautitude of future. It is so restless all the time that iit never takes rest or  lives in the  present. Try to adopt positive and present orientation of mind. Never think of past or future .past has gone out of your hands and future is yet to be caught. But you are master of present. Keep the reins of present in your hands. Present is in your hands. You can manage present not the past or future. All the psychiatrists vigorously emphasize this aspect for better living conditions of mind. Abandon fantasizing about future or about your own self /fate created inadequacies.


Take extracts of Avena sativa and Reuvolfia. Both of these are herbs and said to be very effective in reducing anxiety related high blood pressure and anxiety states of mind..Avena saliva has very soothing effect on the nervous system. It takes no time in calming down the agitated nervous system. it is very sedative in natur more powerful than the sleeping pills with no adverse effect. Both are anti depressant also.


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