How to Make Your Nose Look Shorter with Contouring Makeup

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Makeup can be used to change the appearance of your facial features in many ways. If you have a long nose and want to make it look shorter, effective makeup application can make your nose look subtly shorter. This article looks at how to make your nose lo

How to contour your nose shorter with makeup application:

Contouring is a makeup technique used to change the appearance of your features. It is a technique that can require some practice to get right as you want it to have the desired result without being obvious. So always practice this one, before wearing it out. However, the good news is that contouring a nose shorter is perhaps one of the easier contouring techniques to master.

What you will need is a matt bronzer, or rose toned blush product that is only a few shades darker than your skin tone. It needs to be dark enough to create a shadowed appearance, but no so dark it stands out noticeably against your skin. A makeup consultant can provide you with an appropriate color match.

You apply it to under the tip of the nose and blend it in. If desired set it with a little powder, but make sure you don’t dilute its impact (unless it is looking too full on and then powder is a useful tool to tone down overdone contouring).

Other tips when applying makeup that can make a nose look shorter:

How you apply the rest of your makeup can also influence how people perceive your nose. If you want to make a long nose look shorter, you need to focus on makeup that draws the focus away from the length of your nose.

When it comes to your eye makeup this means concentrating the application to the upper eyelid. This will draw people’s eyes up to your eyes, rather than down the length of your nose. Avoid applying lots of mascara and eyeliner to your lower eyelid as it will draw the eyes down. Also consider applying a highlighting product to the upper outer section of your brow bone. If you are good at applying false eyelashes, a set on the upper lid can be effective at drawing the attention to your eyes and therefore away from the nose.

You might also like to keep your lips subtle, rather than bold so as not to draw the focus to this area.

When it comes to blush, apply it to the upper cheek bones if this works okay with your other facial features. Blush on the lower cheekbones can create more emphasize in the lower half of the face ad is best avoided if you want to detract from the length of your nose. 

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