How to Make Your City a Better Place to Live

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What makes a city a good place to live. How to improve my city. How to keep my local economy strong. What is the best city to live in. Where is the best place to live?

Have you ever seen the lists of the “Best places to live in the World” and wondered why your city cannot be on that list? It can, with a little effort on part of the people who live there, starting with yourself.  These lists are often given to cities where the quality of life is considered high.  Making your city a better place to live also helps improve your quality of life!

Green Cities

A city that is environmentally friendly ranks high on the lists of best places to live not only because it is a pretty city, but because pollution can cause health problems. Children who grow up in smoggy cities often suffer from asthma as well incidences of cancer and respiratory problems are often higher in those cities. Greener cities are healthier cities and health is a major factor when considering what city is the best to live in.

A greener city is also one that has a good parks system; natural areas not only make the city greener by cleaning the air, they also help people to reduce their levels of stress.

If your city does not have a recycling program you can encourage your city council and mayor to get such a program implemented.

Local Economy

If a city has a good local economy it provides jobs. What many people often fail to realize is that while some larger stores employ more people they also send profits out of the local area to head offices in other cities, or other countries. As such shopping at large chain stores should be balanced with shopping at smaller, locally owned stores. This will also mean more variety, and more interest, making for a better city to live in.

The local economy can also be helped by supporting things such as local craft markets and supporting local artists, crafters, builders, and service people.

Lower Crime

You may think it is hard to reduce crime in your area but it may start with the simple matter of being a good parent, keeping your kids out of trouble, and being home for them more. You can also start a community watch group. Encourage and support your local police force, and work to improve impoverished areas.

Be Neighborly

If you are donating to charity consider donating to your local charity rather than a national (or international) one. You can donate food to the food bank to feed the hungry, or you can donate money to your local animal shelter to keep strays off the streets. You can volunteer your time!

You can also be a good neighbor to those around you, helping out the senior who needs their walk shoveled or filling in where ever there is a need. If you own pets, simply being a responsible pet owner and picking up after your dog, is a plus to your area as a whole.

Activities and Entertainment

The more entertainment a city has to offer the better the citizens enjoy living there. Free entertainment is always a plus; cities that have good natural areas offer easy, cheap, entertainment. Other forms of entertainment are golf courses, theaters, and so forth. You can help make the people of your city more aware of what activities it has to offer and encourage development of new recreational opportunities.

Be the Activist

If you really want to make changes to improve your city or community you have to be willing to stand up for change. You can write letters to the editor of your local newspaper pointing out issues and suggesting ways to change things. You can also attend city council meetings and can contact your representatives when it is time for them to vote on matters; telling them what is important to you. You can also speak loud with your home owner tax dollars, if you do not like the way your city is progressing, sell your home and leave, make some other city the best place in the world to live.


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