How To Make Money With Mary Kay

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This is an article that teaches you how to make money in Mary Kay and not get caught up in the gimics.

If you have looked into selling Mary Kay you know that there are many sites out there about this topic. Lots of sites tell you how much money you can make and how great it is. Others tell you it's a terrible idea and you won't make any money. So which is right? The truth is, they both are. If you are not careful, you will not make money selling Mary Kay. However, if you are smart about it you can have a successful business selling Mary Kay.

The way most people lose money in Mary Kay is buying inventory. The company tells you this is a great idea and offers you packages and gifts if you spend a few thousand on inventory. However, for most people this is NOT a good idea. Think about it realistically. If you are just starting out and you only plan on approaching 10 people or so this month and they will all spend about $30 you will not sell $3,000 right away! You may never even sell it if you are not planning on selling Mary Kay full time. I personally recommend to my girls not to buy any inventory until you have been selling Mary Kay for at least six months. By then you will know how much you are going to sell and what you are going to sell and inventory may be a good idea for you.

The next way people don't make as much money as they should is taxes and shipping on their order. It is important to realize that you are being taxed on your retail value of your order, not on your wholesale (50% off your retail)! This is why you need to charge your customers tax when they place an order. Don't forget to do this or you will be cheating yourself! Also remember that shipping is a little under $9. You should wait as long as you can to place an order, but be realistic. Some girls wait until the end of the month to place an order. This is not good customer service. You're making your customer wait too long for their product. Rather when you book parties or approach people make sure you do it in a cluster so you can send your order that week. By this I mean have a party weekend, book a party Friday night, Saturday, and one Sunday. That way you will send out a huge order on Sunday night or Monday morning and the shipping will not be a big deal. If you send out an order every time someone orders $30 or $50 worth of product you will be making hardly any money because you pay so much for shipping!

Lastly be careful with parties. The first thing I did when I joined Mary Kay was rip up the Hostess Extravaganza page. Why would I give someone $250 worth of free product ($125 out of my pocket) when the average party only sells $400 ($200 in my pocket)?! That is not a good business move. Instead offer the host a mystery gift (such as a full size bottle of Mary Kay's newest scent) or $50 off her order. Also remember this is a business deal, not a hang out party. Do not go over board and offer to bring all kinds of food or spend too much on prizes. Rather set a limit and make sure you stick with it. If you are doing a party for 8 people, and you have a good chance at selling $400 (that means you should be making $200), then set your limit low. Tell yourself I will not spend more than $25 on prizes, etc.

If you plan what you're doing and always look at the numbers. Mary Kay can be a successful business. Take everything you're told with a grain of salt. Use your own brain and be careful and you will make money.