How to Make "Legal Acid"

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How to extract the active compounds of Morning Glory or Hawaiian Baby Wood Rose into a LSA Tincture. Legal Acid. Very Easy. Very Cheap.

How to Make "Legal Acid"


LSD a schedule I drug and is illegal, and while everything included and mentioned in this "how to" is legal in all the the United States, the end product, is of questionable legality, and the active compounds (LSA, an LSD precursor is defiantly illegal).

This article is from informational  use only. I cannot be held responsible for any damages, psychological or physical that you may experience or cause upon others.

If you do choose to consume the end result (and doing so is against my advice) do so with a sitter present, preferably one with experience with hallucinogenic drugs, such as Mushrooms or acid. Do not attempt to operate any vehicles or heavy machinery while under the influence of any drug especially hallucinogens.

Do not use if you are pregnant. As the active ingredient LSA has, in animal models, produced uterine contractions, which could possibly induce a miscarriage.Also note that seeds from commercial sources are often coated in some form of pesticide or methyl mercury to retard spoilage, this is pretty poisonous.

Do not use hallucinogens if you are scared angry depressed, have a history of psychiatric or mental illness or if you may experience anything that may make you scared angry or depressed.

Now that I'm fairly confident i wont be sued, and or arrested, we can begin.


Seeds: (400 Morning Glory seeds, or 10 Hawaiian Baby Wood rose (HBWR), per dose)


Alcohol ( the drinking kind, 80 proof or better, Everclear, or Graves recommended 190 proof)

Coffee grinder (or a Mortar and Pestle, a rock, something to smash those seeds)

Small bottles with caps ( this is to store your product)

Coffee Filters 

Mason jar

Naphtha (if you bought seeds from a non reputable dealer)

Step One

Clean those seeds. This is especially important if you harvest the seeds yourself, and not as important if you got them from Sutherland Botanicals, as they are washed and dried before they are shipped.The best way to do this is to place them in the jar with water( Naphtha if your unsure if they are coated with mercury) and shake well. Empty the water and repeat until it is as clear as you can possibly make it. Don't let them sit for to long, you don't want them to germinate.

After rinsing let them dry out completely before moving to step 2.

Step Two

Grind, crush or smash the seeds, you want them all to be broken, but not to pulverized to a power. If some is completely pulverized, don't worry to much about it. You should separate it into doses before you smash the seeds, as it will be nearly impossible after.

Step Three

Fill the small bottles with a single does each, then add the alcohol (this is made easier if you choose the HBWR seeds as you need a lot less) and fill with alcohol (remember you will need room to shake it.)

Step Four

Let it sit up to two weeks, shaking often to extract as much of the LSA as possible. While it is sitting keep it in a cool dark place ( A fridge is perfect, a dresser is fine)

Step Five

Filter out all those smashed up seeds, this material is now depleted, and is useless (Maybe you can compost it, I wouldn't) The Remaining alcohol is your LSA Tincture,and should be filter a few more time, just to be sure you got all you can. This alcohol can (but shouldn't be) consumed as it or the alcohol can be allowed to evaporate leaving a sticky mass. ( I say leave the alcohol, as it makes it easier to handle) 


If you would like to buy morning glory visit Sutherland Botanicals Website to get some for 2

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