How to Make an Intention Board

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According to the Law of Attraction, focusing thought on something you want will help you bring that thought into reality. Using intention boards (also called vision boards) can help you better visualize your goals and focus your thoughts on your goals.

If you've studied the Law of Attraction, you've probably heard of an intention board (or vision board).  An intention board is something that will help you visualize the things that you want to attract into your life, and help you focus your emotions and intentions on the things you want.

First, you will need to decide the format you'd like to use for your intentions board.  You may want a large poster board, several smaller boards, or some other format like a scrapbook, computer file, or cork bulletin board.  The format is completely up to you, however you will most likely want something that will be easy to display in a prominent location for your viewing.

Next, decide what you'd like to attract into your life.  This is your chance to think of anything you'd like to have, from health, relationships, a new home, a new car, experiences you'd like to have... the possibilities are virtually endless.  This step in creating your intentions board includes finding pictures to put on your boards, so you may want to look through magazines, catalogs, or search for images online that pique your emotions and convey the sense of what you're wanting to attract.  If you are having trouble thinking of things, use the magazines and catalogs to give you more ideas.  You may want to use words that you find as well, such as "health" or "love."  Be creative and pay attention to your emotions as you look for pictures.

After you have chosen some images, begin attaching them to your board.  Depending on the material of your board, you may need to try different adhesives to get it to stick well.  Some good all-purpose adhesives are decoupage, white school glue, and rubber cement.  You may choose to group your images together by category or put them in a random order.  You also may want to make a collage with no blank space showing, or you may want to arrange them neatly and spaced evenly.  Make the board's layout comfortable to your own style.  You may want to leave room to add to it later as well.

After your project is complete, let the adhesive dry completely and then choose a place to display your work.  It is best to display your intention board in a place where you will see it often, like on your refrigerator, in your office, or in your bedroom.  You may want to frame your board to make it easier to hang up, or you can attach a mounting bracket to the back of your board for hanging.  Use magnets or a magnet clip if you will be hanging it on your refrigerator or on a metal door.  If you chose to create an intention book instead of a board, keep it in a place where you will remember to review it often, such as beside your bed or on your desk in your office.  View your boards often so that you will visualize your goals and put more thought and emotion into the things you wish to attract.

As you continue your quest to change your way of thinking and attracting positive things into your life, you may also consider making a gratitude journal.  This will help you think positively and look for the good things in your life, as well as the good things that come into your life through the Law of Attraction.

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Posted on Dec 17, 2010
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