How to Make a Wide Mouth Look Narrower with Effective Makeup Application

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A wide mouth can be a great asset as your smile stands out, but if you feel your mouth is a little too wide there are makeup application techniques that can make it look narrower. This article looks at several makeup application tricks that can help make

A step by Step guide to making a wide mouth seem narrower with effective makeup application:

Step one: re-establish your lip line

You can help to make your lip line seem narrower by applying foundation to the outer corners to tone them down. This works in conjunction with the following steps to make the mouth seem a little less broad.

Step two: applying lip liner on a wide mouth to make it look narrower

When applying lip liner with the goal of making your mouth seem more narrow use shades that are at least one shade darker than your lip color. Only take the liner to just inside the corners of your mouth, rather than right up to the end. This will help to diminish your lip width.

Don’t try to end the line significantly short of the edges of your lip as this could begin to look unnatural. You are aiming to subtly minimize your lip line. Remember many women have wide lips, including celebrities prized for their appearance like the iconic wide lipped star Julia Roberts, or Cameron Diaz. It is not a trait that should be completely hidden away.

If you have thin and wide lips different rules apply. In this instance it is generally best to skip lip liner altogether.  Lip liner on thin and wide lips can make them seem even thinner and wider. Or if you are prone to bleeding lipstick just take a lip liner in the same shade as your lips and apply it as above.

Step three: applying lipstick on a wide mouth to make it look narrower

When it comes to lipstick it is best to use a dark matt color if your lips are wide and full. Dark colors help to minimize an area. If you have thin and wide lips you will want to use a light matt color. This will help add fullness to the lips, but not over accentuate your wide mouth.

Matt colors are those that don’t have any shiny pigments in them. Avoid lipsticks with shimmer or high gloss styles as they reflect light, therefore making an area seem bigger. Apply your lip color with a lip brush as it allow for precise application. When applying the color apply more in the center and taper off towards the edges.

By following these three steps to tone down the outer edge of your lips, they should appear narrower. 

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