How to Make a Slot Machine in Excel 2007

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Here's how to make your own slot machine using Microsoft Excel 2007.

Want to gamble but can’t afford the casino? Why not make a slot machine in Excel?

First, open a new worksheet in Excel 2007. Click in cell F11. Go to Formulas on the ribbon, then Math and Trig. Scroll down that menu and pick RANDBETWEEN. A box called Function Arguments will open. In the text box that says Bottom, type 1. In the text box that says Top, type 10.

This is a random number generator that will show a number between one and ten every time you click in cell F11.

Now close the Function Arguments box. Click in cell F11. We’re going to copy the formula over to the next two cells. Hold the mouse over the bottom right corner of cell F11 until you see a black cross. When you see it, hold the left mouse button down and pull the mouse across cells G11 and H11.

Now do that several more times. Every time you do, you’ll get a new set of three random numbers. This is the works of the slot machine. Now we can format the display.

Select cells F11, G11, and H11. Go to Home on the ribbon. In the upper left-hand corner you’ll see a white rectangle that says Calibri. Click on the arrow just to the right of it and you’ll bring up the font menu. Pick a font you like and click on it.

Just to the right of the font menu is the font size menu. Click the arrow and pick font size 72.

Now just under the font menu you’ll see the letters B, I, and U for Bold, Italic, and Underline. Pick any or all of these. Make sure cells F11, G11 and H11 are still selected.

Just to the right of B, I, and U you’ll see a menu of cell background colors and a menu of font colors. Open these and color your numbers and cell backgrounds any way you like.

You can get rid of the gridlines.  Select all the cells that show on the screen.  Open the menu of cell background colors and pick white, or any color you like.  Then you can add some clip art.  Search the internet for the type of clip art you want, then copy and paste it into your worksheet.

It’s a good idea to make each cell a little wider. Click in cell F1. Hold the mouse over the top right-hand corner of the cell until you see a black cross. Hold down the left mouse button and pull the mouse to the right. You’ll see the whole column become wider. Do the same in cells G1 and H1.

Remember; always gamble responsibly with the goofy thing you made in Excel!

Picture by Kathleen Murphy