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How to Make a Beautiful Floral Candelabra Decoration

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Anyone can learn to be a Floral Designer

This article will give you step by step directions to making this lovely candelabra floral decoration. Anyone can be a floral designer, it just takes practice. When I first started doing arrangements I always used an old piece of floral foam so I could get an idea of how I wanted the arrangement to look before actually putting it all together. With a little practice you will be turning out arrangements that everyone will think you purchased from an upscale florist. I think that you will agree, this is not dificult to make and you can save yourself a lot of money by making your own wedding decorations. I once held a class at a local craft store, the class was on how to make your own Bridal Bouquet. I was amazed at the talented people in the class.The class was a 2-night class. By the time the class ended, everyone said they were ready to make something else and most agreed that they would also make their Bridesmaids Bouquets also. So have fun with your creations!

Step 1.Start with your greenery bush and cut stems and add your floral sticks.The stems on these bushes are different lengths. When you buy the floral bush, purchase one that has a weeping look to it . . . kinda like a weeping willow tree, because you want the greenery to drape down along the front of the candelabra

Step 2. Staring at the top of the floral cage begin adding your greenery.The greenery on the sides should go out and downward. All the greenery on the sides should go out and downwards also . . . (see photo).  The longest stems shoud go on the bottom along with 3-4 stems of another greenery to add some color. Continue and add greenery to the front of the cage, leaving it scanty in the places you will add your larger silk flowers.

Step 3. Next cut your larger silk flower stems and add your floral sticks. Larger flowers should either go at the top of the arrangement or in the middle of the arrangement.

Step 4. Now, cut your smaller flowers and add your floral sticks and arrange on top of the flowing greenery; smaller flowers should be pushed into the foam upwards so they will be laying on the greenery.

Step 5. Make a bow with long ribbons that will drape down the front of the arrangement. Attach to a floral stick and place in the center of the arrangement.

Attach floral wire to the arrangement and attach to the candelabra.


Aahna Sharma
Posted on Oct 1, 2014
Posted on Mar 3, 2011

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