How to Make a Beard to Complete Your Halloween Costume

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Making a beard to complete your Halloween costume is simple and easy and very inexpensive.

With Halloween fast approaching, most people are looking for some great costume ideas. Costumes that you make yourself are fun, and easy. Sometimes, though, the costumes you make or even buy do not have quite everything you need to complete the outfit.

Beards are one thing that seem to always either be missing or look really shabby, or are simply too expensive to buy. Here is a simple and cheap way to make your own beard whether it is for a wizard, a lumber jack, Noah, or anyone else whose outfit requires a beard. The cost of making it is cheap and it looks terrific!

What you will need:

A piece of self-adhesive felt in the color you want the beard to me

A skein of yarn in the same color as the felt



Without removing the paper from the back of the felt, cut the the felt in the shape and length desired for your beard. If you also want a mustache, cut out a mouth hole, leaving a strip of felt that will fit under the nose and above the mouth. (You many want to cut a small v shape to go around the nostrils.)

Cut your yarn into small pieces 3 to 4 inches.

Remove the paper from felt, and lay felt on the table, sticky-side up. Then start at the bottom of the beard shape and press yarn to the sticky side of the felt. Work your way up until the entire beard is covered.

Run a long section of yarn at each side of the beard, so you can tie the beard at the back of the head, or use wig glue to attach beard in the proper place.

That is all it takes to make a really handsome beard.

If you want to make the costume featured in the picture, all you need is one or two old sheets and some old Christmas garland.

For this costume I simply cut a sheet in half, used one half for the gown (sewed up the sides leaving arm holes and cut out a head hole.)

The cape is the other half the sheet. I hemmed the top and ran a long piece of yarn through it to create a puckered look and draw the cape around the neck to give it shape. I then sewed on an old pillow case cut down to form a hood. Trimmed it all with garland and it was ready to go.

This costume was used as a Grandfather Christmas costume and later I took off the garland and used the same costume for another child for a Sunday School play when he was Noah. The beard was used for many costumes and even put in my little ones dress up box. It lasted for years.


carol roach
Posted on Oct 12, 2009
Janet Hunt
Posted on Oct 10, 2009