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How to Make a Beaded, Hanging Light Catcher

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How to make your own, beautiful beaded, hanging light catcher. Light catchers are fun, beautiful, and easy to make.

Light catchers are beaded hangings that reflect and refract natural light from outside. Hanging a light catcher near a window brightens up any room, and they're fun and easy to make. 

To create your own, unique light catcher, you will need the following supplies:

1. Wooden or plastic rod

2. Colored silk or transparent beading wire

3. Colorful, transparent, or crystal beads

4. Scissors

Select beads that are iridescent, shiny, or transparent to maximize the beauty of your light catcher. Glass or crystal beads work best. Select a mix of beads with varying sizes and shapes in your favorite colors. Choose a twine or thread that looks nice and matches your beads. You may want to use a transparent beading wire to create the appearance that beads are floating. 

Once you have your beads and thread, it's time to create a design for your light catcher. Lay the beads on a clean, clear surface in lines in the order you'd like to have them hanging. Take time to create a design you love. Think about where you plan to hang the light catcher and what sort of design would look best in that location.

Next, measure how long you'd liked each row of beads to be, and cut off the twine to string it with. Leave a few extra inches on each length of twine. If you want each string of beads to hang 8 inches, for example, cut the twine so it is about 12 inches long. 

Once you have all your twine cut, tie a knot on one end. This knot will indicate the bottom of each cord of beads. String the beads on as you like, making a knot below a bead when you want a gap between beads to appear. I recommend having at least a few inches of chord showing on each string of beads. If your light catcher is fully beaded, with no cord showing, it may be too heavy; but if your light catcher has only a few beads on each string, it may look too sparse. 

Once you have each length of beads strung, tie your cords to the rod you will be using. I prefer to make a large loop and then string my beads through the loop and around the rod. Make sure you tie each cord securely, so it doesn't fall off if there's a breeze. 

To hang the light catcher, cut a length of cord that is about 5 inches longer than the rod you are using. Tie each end of the cord to the ends of the rod. Hang the light catcher from the ceiling, wall, or curtain rod.

Your light catcher is sure to catch the eyes of guests, and is a charming addition to any window or room. 


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