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How to Install a NuTone Ventilation Fan Grill

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A homeowner's guide to installing NuTone grills with the V-shaped springs.

NuTone produces ventilation fans for designed for residential and commercial use. A ventilation fan pulls exhaust air through a grill that covers the unit's access hole in a drywall-covered wall or ceiling. A set of grill springs forces the NuTone grill against the wall or ceiling's surface, creating a tight seam around the perimeter of the grill. In order to reach a NuTone unit's fan motor for service or cleaning, a technician pulls down on the grill and releases the grill springs' tension. After completing service, the technician inserts the grill springs into the NuTone unit's spring slots.

Instructions for Installing a NuTone Fan Grill

Step 1) Set the NuTone grill face down on a solid surface.

Step 2) Lay one of the NuTone grill springs on the grill's louver opening and position the spring's ring over one of the grill's spring retaining slots, found on the grill's boarder. The grill's boarder contains two spring retaining slots. Laying the spring on its side allows the spring to fit into the slot without applying excessive force to the slot's sides. The ring is to wide to fit in the slot while it is in the upright position.

Step 3) Press the grill spring's ring into the grill's retaining slot and rotate the spring into an upright position, locking the spring in the grill. Install the second grill spring, using the same method used with the first spring.

Step 4) Set up a ladder under a ceiling-mounted NuTone ventilation unit, if applicable. Most wall-mount units do not require a ladder.

Step 5) Squeeze one of the grill springs' prongs, the hook-shaped wire ends of the grill spring, together. Slip the end of the prongs into one of the slots on the NuTone unit's fan motor plate. Release the grill spring, allowing the end of the spring to hold one side of the grill in place. Squeezing the end of the V-shaped grill spring allows both ends of the spring prongs to fit into the slots in the fan motor plate. Releasing the springs opens the grill spring prongs, which holds the grill in place.

Step 6) Compress the prongs on the second NuTone grill spring and insert the end of the spring's prongs into the second fan motor plate slot. Release the grill spring.

Step 7) Place both hands on the boarder of the NuTone grill's face, positioning each hand below a grill spring. Press the grill against the drywall, forcing the grill springs into the fan motor plate's slots.

The springs handy design allows the NuTone grill to slide across the drywall and cover slightly odd-fitting holes. The grill springs also allow access to the motor's blades and the interior side of the grill louver without disconnecting the springs.


Jerry Walch
Posted on Oct 9, 2011
Abdel-moniem El-Shorbagy
Posted on Oct 8, 2011

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