How to Improve Your Toddler's Concentration Power

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How to Improve Your Toddler's Concentration Power! Toddlers have little concentration ability, but it can be improved with all kinds of fun activities. Attention span of a toddler in an activity can last up 10-15 min. Motivating the little one and getting

Low concentration can mean poor attention and poor performance academically in later years. So it is important to improve the concentration power from a young age. Concentration is ability to focus on one particular thing leaving apart all other things. For this, toddlers must be trained to focus on one particular thing at a time. Here is how to improve your toddler’s concentration power.

Toddlers cannot concentrate for long stretches of time and can get bored easily. From a young age, kids are bombarded with toys, super heroes, comic books, computer games and lot of other things these days. Growing up with so many distractions around, the concentration power of a growing child may not improve. However, concentration power can be developed from a young age, especially from the toddler years as they begin to understand things better. Read on to learn about the ways to improve your toddlers concentration power. 

1 Board games are good to increase concentration of toddlers and there are several kinds of board games designed for toddlers. There are plenty of memory matching board games with themes of animals, objects around them, birds and vehicles.

2 Get your child to play memory games regularly. Photographic memory games are even great to expose them to a wider world of vocabulary. Jigsaw and wooden puzzles are other games for toddlers to improve their concentration. They try to make moves on their own and slowly their concentration and attention span increases.

3 Read books and talk to toddlers often. Start with picture books and start reading to them on a regular basis. Books must have bright pictures to gain their attention. In the same way, bright flash cards must be used. However, use small number of cards at a time and slowly increase in number each passing day.

4 Find simple maze games for your little one. Talk to them in different pitched sounds about the maze and solve it with them. Newspapers, magazines or even boxes of breakfast cereals might have some simple mazes on them. Collect them and have fun with your little one.

5 Colouring is fun and is excellent for increasing concentration. Most toddlers would love to colour. Buy them crayons or color pencils and get them to color. Join them and make it a fun and exciting experience. Colouring experience with adults teaches them to compare their art to that of an adult.

6 Singing is another way to improve concentration of a toddler. Sing to them and sing with them, and they will learn to pay attention to simple tunes and words. As they start singing, teach them new songs and keep repeating the old ones. Rhymes or simple songs can teach them to focus for longer duration each passing day.

Most of all remember , never force a game, a toy or a book on your child. Focus on things that interest them. Take every opportunity to have fun with your toddler and do not just focus on educational value to every activity.

So now you know simple ways on how to improve your toddler's concentration power. So start spending quality time with your toddler to increase his/her concentration power and build a beautiful relationship with your toddler. 


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