How to Hide a Beer Belly with Clothing

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Many men prefer to disguise their beer gut but aren't sure how to. The following is a guide to hiding a beer belly and making a large stomach look smaller.

Although it isn’t often talked about, there is pressure on men to look slim and attractive just as there is on women. While many women try diet after diet in an attempt to become a smaller size and achieve a slimmer figure, some men battle with their belly size as-well.

When men have a large midsection this is commonly referred to as a beer gut, even if they don’t generally drink much beer. Men of a certain age tend to put more weight on around their belly than anywhere else on their body, and can find it hard to lose a generous sized stomach.

One way they can gain confidence is to dress so that their beer belly is disguised and hidden from view to a greater extent, just as women cleverly hide their own lumps and bumps given half a chance.

Single breasted suit

A single breasted suit is much better than a double breasted suit for a man with an ample girth. Observer’s eyes are drawn down the body rather than across it, which helps provide the illusion of length rather than width. Double breasted suits have a tendency to make a mans legs look shorter than they are, which is why they are better for men who are tall and slim.


Many men with a beer belly wear jeans which could be described as low rise. They end just below the stomach area and serve as a rest for a large belly. Unfortunately this look isn’t attractive and only serves to emphasise the problem rather than reduce it. It also looks uncomfortable, although wearer’s of low rise jeans may insist that they’ve got used to how a tight waistband which acts as a stomach shelf feels like.

It’s best that men who want to hide their beer belly wear more supportive jeans which have a waistband which falls around their belly button area, as opposed to being very low, or too high up.


Bold patterned, fussy and overly colourful shirts are often worn by men who aren’t keen on their figure, as they imagine that this helps their personality to outshine their belly. This is great if they are happy this way and it makes them feel good. However the secret to disguising a beer belly better with a shirt is to either wear a pinstripe shirt, or to wear a dark colored shirt which is one block of color, as opposed to having patterns and patches of different colors.

Tee shirts

The golden rule for men who want to hide their beer belly with tee shirts is to wear those made of thick material, which covers their stomach area generously, and to refrain from tucking them into their jeans.

Again, tee shirts which are dark and one color are better than those which have complicated designs.

Men should wear what makes them feel happy and comfortable, rather than following rules. However, the above information is for men who are unhappy with their beer belly and prefer to hide it rather than emphasise it.

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