How to Help Your Miniature Pinscher Gain Some Weight

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The miniature pinscher is a small very active little dog. Because of their activity level, it is difficult sometimes for these little guys to gain healthy weight. There are things you can do to help your miniature pinscher gain weight.

Most dogs have no problem with feedings although some small breeds may be a little finicky. One of those little breeds is the miniature pinscher. The miniature pinscher is an energetic little dog that easily burns off more than it consumes. You can learn how to get your miniature pinscher to gain weight. Though some of these little dogs have thyroid disorders which cause them to gain excess weight, some of the miniature pinschers are very active and on the thin side. There are steps that you can take to help your dog gain some weight in a healthy way.

You will need to call your veterinarian first before changing your dog’s diet. It is necessary to be sure that there are no medical issues responsible for your miniature pinscher's lack of weight gain.

It is important that you discuss a special diet with your veterinarian. There are prescription diets available on the market and through your doctors’ office that can help your dog to gain healthy weight. These diets may be a little costly but worth the expense for your dog’s good health.

You can increase the amount of food that you give your miniature pinscher currently if you choose not to go with a prescription diet. Adding the extra calories to your dogs’ current food will help in a weight gain, especially if you have a very active dog.

Try experimenting between a dry food and a wet food, or a combination of both to make it more tasty and appealing. Dry food has more carbohydrate fillers which stimulate weight gain and the wet food smells more appetizing. Combining the two can get your dog to eat more.

Supplement your dog’s diet with a good multivitamin. These supplements not only provide necessary nutrients your dog may be lacking in a diet, they also can stimulate a dog’s appetite.

Provide your miniature pinscher with extra treats that have nutritional value and are loaded with extra fiber and proteins. Consider dental treats as well which not only help in the weight gain of your miniature pincher but also affords your dog with a healthy mouth.

Be sure your dog does get ample exercise to distribute the weight gain evenly and in a healthy way.

Continue to consult with your veterinarian while your dog is on a prescribed weight-gain diet. The doctor can monitor the progress, change the food if necessary and discuss an adequate exercise regimen for your little miniature pincher dog.