How To Have Continuous Sex Every Night

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You want to have a better sex life. You want to do it more than once a night. Here is great way to do it.

When it comes to life, many people consider sex as one of the best things that is a part of our everyday life. No matter where you are or who you are with, sex is happening every single day. Back then, sex used to be once a night, and being prepared for the next day of pleasure. In this century, sex has become a hobby nowadays. You can do it more than three times a day. Lately, people have been calling it rounds.

If you have a sex life that you want to be continuous, it’s totally up to you. Here are a few ways to have sex more than once a day safely without breaking any bones or busting twenty condoms.

1. Be Sure to Have All The Necessary Items

Once you feel ready to begin your sexual adventure it is completely difficult to resist it. There are some who find sex the perfect way to experiment new material mentally and physically. If you realize that even one item isn’t around, the mood drops by a few points. So make sure you have the necessary items for your sexual activity and be 100% on the mark.


2. Give Your Body A Mid-Way Break

After you pleasured each other the first round give yourself a one hour ride. Just because you are mentally ready doesn’t mean your body is set for another round five minutes later. Use the bathroom, drink some water, and do whatever you have to do in order get yourself ready for the next round. Then when the next round comes, you won’t feel cramps or accidentally break wind in the middle of your second session. It’ll be better than the first time as long as you allow it to be.

3. Protection Is Always The First Rule

No matter what you’re going to do, you must stay protected. If you’re going to buy condoms, buy twenty or one hundred of them. Both of ya’ll are responsible for your health. Just because one is responsible for penetration you are also responsible for your body.

It’s between the two of you on how ya’ll want to run your sex life. If you want to have sex continuously every single night, go right ahead. These are good ways to have sex safely. Stay protected and have a blast with your sex life. Remember that the best sex on the planet is safe sex.

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Mrs. Rogers
Posted on Aug 30, 2010