How to Have a Memorable Bride and Groom Only Wedding

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Save money, reduce wedding planning stress and focus on what’s important- the bride and groom on the wedding day. The Factoid describes how to make the day special and memorable.

It’s a fact- weddings are often expensive affairs. Often, people lose focus on the marriage to focus on the details of a perfect day. Loans and bills can pile up beyond the day making the financial burden of a one-day affair haunt a newly married couple for years afterwards. In today’s economy it’s becoming harder to justify having a huge wedding affair when the future sometimes seems uncertain.

One smart solution is to have a private wedding day with just the bride and groom. It can be special and memorable and include some very important aspects of your life together with little money and low effort. Try some of these ideas when planning a wedding for just the bride and groom.

Wear Something Special

It’s still a special day that warrants a special outfit. It can be as fancy or as casual, but should be comfortable. Don’t give up the dream of the princess dress, veil and flowers- go for it if that will make a dream day. Even if it’s a private affair, there will likely be pictures and you don’t want to regret not wearing something nice.

Pick a Special Place to Have the Ceremony

Check state’s requirements on officiant and witnesses. If the officiant can act as a sole witness, get married almost anywhere. Make it a special place where there are already some memories together like a park or the place where the proposal took place. Since the ceremony will be short and sweet, this can most likely be done without prior planning or obtaining a permit. If it’s an indoor site in a public place, call ahead a few days and ask permission first.

Customize Your Marriage Vows

When a wedding is just between a bride and groom, the entire ceremony can really be customized. If the officiant is willing, ask to write the ceremony or special vows. Just because it’s a private ceremony doesn’t mean giving up these special parts of the union. Notify the officiant beforehand that when planning to customize the wedding and bring printed a copy to the ceremony.

Don’t Forget the Camera to Take Great Pictures

Ask the officiant to take a few pictures just after the vows to capture first moments as husband and wife. During other parts of the wedding day ask people nearby to snap a few pictures. Once they know it’s a wedding photo they’ll be happy to oblige. Carry a pretty but practical purse to stash the camera when not in use.

Have a Special Wedding Dinner

Pick a special place to have a wedding dinner. It doesn’t have to be special or fancy- it could just be a favorite casual place. However, it’s also a good opportunity to try that 3-star Michelin restaurant, or go back to the first-date restaurant at the rib shack in town.

Make a reservation if it’s a busy place or simply call ahead to mention it will be a wedding dinner on a specific date and time. This will make sure seats are ready upon arrival and with advance notice, the staff might add some extra details.

Get Away for the Wedding Night

Book a hotel room for the night, the honeymoon suite if they have one, even if it’s just in the same city. Getting away from the home environment will make for a special wedding night. Tell the hotel staff it’s for a wedding night and they might be able to help set up special details such as chilling a toast drink just before arriving back for the night or scattering rose petals and lighting candles to make a romantic environment.

If possible, try to check into the hotel before the wedding day ceremony and dinner so that everything is settled and set up upon return at the end of the day.

If a hotel for the night isn’t an option, try to set up a honeymoon suite atmosphere before leaving for the ceremony or ask a friend to set it up during the day. Even though it’s a private affair, friends and family will probably be happy to help out with the behind the scenes details to make a memorable day.

Don’t Miss Out on Reception Traditions

At home or hotel, cut a cake, have a first dance to a special song, and make a toast to each other. Having these things set up beforehand or by someone else during the ceremony will make things easier and more enjoyable at the end of the day.

Use a cake topper and special toast glasses to save as wedding keepsakes. Put two pieces or the top-tier of the cake in the freezer to enjoy on the first wedding anniversary.

With an afternoon or two of prior planning, a low stress, low-cost, but very happy and memorable wedding day is possible.


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