How To Handle or Deal With Blackmailers or Blackmailing Attempts: Sure Tips That Will Work

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Blackmail is a crime that dates back to time; and its common especially in this era. It involves threats by the blackmailer (the criminal) to reveal or disclose some kind of hidden and damaging secrets information of embarrassing nature to the general pub

Blackmail is a crime that dates back to time; and it's common especially in this era. It involves threats by the blackmailer (the criminal) to reveal or disclose some kind of hidden and damaging secrets information of embarrassing nature to the general public or to the members of the family or associates. It could involve coercion or subtle intimidation involving threats of bodily harm or criminal prosecution until the demand is met; which could be in monetary terms, sexual satisfaction or properties. The information held by the blackmailer maybe true or false, but exposure could have damaging effects on the victim, so the victim is expected to succumb to the demands.

The Difference Between Blackmail and Extortion

The United States law defines blackmail as s the use of information to make someone do something they wouldn’t otherwise, or the reverse, to prevent someone from doing something they probably would. This is legally different from extortion, which is the use of threat to demand payment, property, or services from someone. Both, however, are federal crimes. And it is important that you do not fall victim to these types of threats.

No matter the nature or demand of the blackmailer, there are ways to deal with such people. Blackmailers are subtle and the have been in the business and have more experience more than you; yea this is the fact. However, giving in to blackmail is never the best option as the blackmail would just go on. Also taking laws into your hands is the wrong option as committing a murder will only land you in jail.

So, how do you handle a blackmailer that could suddenly make your life miserable or perhaps damage your career or relationship? This is where this article comes in handy.

Tips on How to Handle a Blackmailer

The following basic tips will aid you on how to handle a blackmail attempt; and perhaps free yourself from it without any harm to you or your family.

  • Honestly ask yourself if there is any ground for a blackmail

In some situations, the blackmailer may just be a cheap bluff. This is where honest self-evaluation comes into play. Is there really a ground for the blackmail? Is the blackmail really damaging; and can it hold water? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself and answer truthfully. Of the purpose of this article, we will assume that there is ground for blackmail.

  • Consider taking away the blackmailers leverage

This singular step could end the blackmailer’s game. The leverage the blackmailer has over you is the information that he has on you; which has the potential of having some damaging effects on your person or those close to you. When you disclose this information yourself, you not only take away the blackmailers leverage but allow the story or blackmail claims to flow in your own tide.

  • Contact the law

This is a way of getting the blackmailer to pay for his / her acts. When you contact the law enforcement agent they will work hand in hand with you to catch the blackmailer in the act, so they can have evidence to prosecute him / her.

  • Getting a lawyer

This might be the option when you don’t want to contact the police or you value your privacy so much that you don’t want the blackmailers claim to be made publicly known. In this instance, you might want to work with your lawyer and make a “settlement” rather than a payoff.

  • Giving in to the blackmailer

Well, this is another option but the last I would want you to consider taking. This is usually taken by those who don’t want to involve the police or a lawyer. They want things to remain between them and the blackmailer. In this situation, you might want to believe that the blackmailer will not come again and again asking for more money. This is usually the case.

Other options that those been blackmailed resort to are; coming up with a counter-blackmail or even committing murder. These are serious crimes that could land you in real trouble. Remember that this is the real world and not some movie flick where the lead role often comes out unscathed.

Never meet with a blackmailer alone. You could end up getting killed and the money or terms of blackmail collected as well.

  • New Forms of Blackmail

In the 21st century, online blackmail has become the latest crime. Hackers will send a company a virus and hold threaten to erase the company’s database, hard drives and computers information, unless the company complies with the demands, usually money.


The best way to combat this new form of computer blackmail is to use the latest and best antivirus software. Usually, when a company is threatened with computer blackmail, the IT team of the company or the operating system like Microsoft or Apple will already have a fix ready to install.

The best way to foil this type of computer blackmail is to always keep up-to-date backups of all of your data. Always keep your customers up to date to a hacking event, otherwise, you will lose trust.


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