How to Hack Learn To Fly 2 With Cheat Engine

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Learn to Fly 2 is a game available on quite a few gaming sites. This game has become extremely popular, and is lots of fun to play. If you want to become even better at this game without wasting hours in front of the screen, then this article is the right

Learn to Fly 2 is one of the most fun games online now, and many people are playing it. You play as a penguin, who is determined to fly. The story continues on from the previous Learn to Fly, when he failed to fly. He gets on his computer, and he abused on what is obviously a social network. This just makes him more determined to fly, so he comes back. You might be struggling a bit, because this game is a bit hard, or you could just want to complete the game and not want to spend any more time on it. So now, this guide will show you how to hack Learn To Fly 2 with Cheat Engine. This kind of "hack" is not what most people think of when they hear the word hack. First of all, it is legal. You are not hacking for money, or any kind of benefit (apart from satisfaction), and it will not cause any damage. Therefore technically it is not "hacking". 

1. The first step that you must take, if you have not already taken it, is to download Cheat Engine from This will take a bit of time, so you may want to leave your computer alone for a bit. This program will not harm your computer, you can do some extra research if you want just to make sure. It does come up as a virus, but that is because of its ability to change values in programs, but only when you tell it to. Once it has downloaded, let it install.

2. Open Learn to Fly 2 and start a new game, or load a saved game. Take note of how much money you have. If you have started a new game, it would be wise to fly a couple of times, and get some more money.

3. Back on Cheat Engine, click on the flashing computer, and choose process list in the window that comes up. From there, click on the browser that you have open. If there are multiple ones, you will have to try out each one to see which one is the right one. 

4. Times the amount of money you have by 8, and enter this in the value box. Click the "First Scan" box on Cheat Engine. This should be above the value box. It should come up with quite a few different values.

5. Back on Learn to Fly 2, buy something, or if you do not have enough money, you will have to do a run.

6. Take your new amount of money, times it by 8, and then click "Next Scan" (not "New Scan"!)

7. If there is more than one result, repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have one value left. Double click, and it should appear in the box below. Double click on the value box, and change it to 8000000. You should now have one million dollars on Learn to Fly 2. If you want it to stay at one million, even if you buy something, you simply click the freeze box on the left.

With this in mind, you will be able to get a lot of money on Learn to Fly 2. Good luck! 

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