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How to Grow Fennel and Mustard Plants Inside Your Home

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How to plant mustard plants inside your home. How to plant Fennel inside your home.

It is a true pleasure to grow your own herbs.  If you have a place in your home that gets lots of sunlight you can grow a plethera of different herbs and other plants right there inside your home.  That way you will always have fresh ingredients to create your culinary delights.  Here are instructions for growing two different types of plants inside your home fennel and Mustard plants.


These are instructions for planting fennel from seeds:  Like a lot of different herbs fennel plants do not like to be transplanted.  Therefore it is best to start them in a peat pellet and then just plant the peat pellet in to the soil when they are ready to be planted.  Simply plant a few seeds in the peat pellet. When the roots start to cover the the pellet it is time to plant the whole pellet in to a pot.  Before doing so thin out the plants so that there is only 1 plant left in the pellet.  The pots should be around 4 inches. 

Fennel should be kept in a very sunny windowsill but the area does not have to be warm.  Fennel also needs lots of water so do not let your plant dry out.  The fennel plant will begin to flower after about 6 weeks. 


To start mustard plants from seed. You will need a shallow container to plant them in.  Fill the container soil and moisten the soil.  Sprinkle the mustard seeds on top of the soil.  Place the shallow container in a plastic bag and place the bag on the windowsill or on a table in front of a warm sunny window. This whole process will help the mustard seeds to germinate.  Check the bag from time to time.  When the plants have reached about 4 inches in height remove the container from the bag. 

For each mustard plant you would like to grow to maturity carefully remove it by pulling up gently on the plant being very careful not to break the root.  Fill a 4 inch pot with soil.  With your finger, a pencil or any long thin object make a hole through the center of the soil.  Slide the root carefully in to the soil, leaving the rest of the plant exposed.  Close up the hole around the stem. 

Mustard plants need a lot of sunlight and need a good amount of water. 

You can use the younger plant leaves as a garnish.  You can use the older thicker leaves like you would cook spinach, when you have seeds you can mash them in to mustard. 

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Roberta Baxter
Posted on Jun 8, 2011

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