How to Get Vegetable Oil Spots Off of Furniture and Clothing

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This article explains how one would get a grease stain off of an item of clothing or off of some furniture after someone has dropped something on the furniture or their clothing or grease has splattered on to their clothing. When you learn this technique

Vegetable oil spots or grease splatters from things like bacon are some of the most difficult spots to get off of your furniture and your clothing.  I often have grease splatter on to my clothes when I am cooking and it used to be heart breaking for me. Now I know how to get them off.  I also recently dropped a greasy bacon covered jalepeno popper on my brand new cushioned kitchen chair.  It was OK though because I was able to get the grease spot off.  Here is how I did it:hi

How To Remove Vegetable Oil and Cooking Grease Stains from Furniture

First before I tell you how to remove the stain I have to tell you this may not work on all fabrics.  If you have a fabric that is delicate you may want to do a safety test first in a spot that can not be seen just to make sure this does not affect the fabric. 

The moment you realize you have gotten grease on your furniture item get out your corn starch.  Place some newspaper under the item then sprinkle a liberal amount of corn starch on the stage.  Take an old clean, dry toothbrush and lightly brush the corn starch in just a bit.  Allow the corn starch to sit for about 20 minutes.  This should soak up most of the oil. 

After the 20 minutes are up take the tooth brush and brush off the corn starch.  Brush it all off as best you can. 

In a spary bottle mix togeter 1 part regular vinegar with 4 parts water, then squeeze in 1 generous squirt of dishwashing detergent with degreaser in it.  Don't just use any dishwashing detergent make sure it says, "Degreaser" or "Grease Fighting Power" or something like that on the bottle.  You should always have a bottle of this around your house.  I only use dish detergent with degreasers in them because they help to keep grease from building up in your sink drains. 

After you put everything in the spray bottle give it a couple of good shakes just to blend everything.

Spray the mixture on the stain and then rub the stain with your tooth brush.  Dab some water on it to rinse it off a bit and see if the stain seems to be gone.  If not repeat. 

Then get a clean rag and soak it with water.  Pat the stain with water, rewetting when necessary until the mixture is washed clean off of the chair.  Let the chair dry hopefully the stain will be gone at this point.  If not repeat with the mixture once again. 

If the stain is old and has set in, take a clean rag and wet t then use it to wet the stain then use the corn starch and continue as above. 

Removing a Grease or Oil Stain From an Item of Clothing

You will do basically the same thing with an item of clothing. As quckly as you can remove the item of clothing from your body place a clean cotton towel underneath it or between the layers under the stained part.  Liberally pour corn starch on the stain.  Take something like the back of a hair brush and tap at the cornstarch, your goal is to try to transfer the oil to the towel below.  Then take your old tooth brush and gently brush it in.  You don't want to totally rub it in just rub it in a little.  Let is sit for about 20 minutes. 

Then make the same vinegar, water, and dish detergent mixture as above. 

After the 20 minutes are up brush off the corn starch.  Then spray the stain with the mixture and rub it in with the tooth brush. 

Fill a large mixing about half way with cold water.  Never use warm or hot water on a stain while you are treating it.  Place the stained area in the water and swish around a bit.  You should be able to tell if the grease stain is still there or not.  The grease stain will usually be slighty darker than water.  If you seen any darkness spray again and rub again.  Keep repeating this until you no longer see the grease stain.  Then launder the item as normal. 

If the stain has set wet the stain with plain water and then pour the corn starch on and then continue as above.

For set in stains you may have to repeat the whole process 2 or three times starting from the corn starch. 

An Ounce of Prevention Goes  A Long Way

Of course I have to mention preventative measures when it comes to grease splatters.  If you do a lot of cooking it will be well worth it for you to invest in an apron.  An apron that ties above the neck will go a long way in saving your clothing from grease splatters. 


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