How to Get Rid of Feet Swelling: 12 Home Remedies to Cure Swollen Feet and Ankles

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Here are some natural remedies to help get rid of foot swelling. Follow these home remedies for swollen feet and ankles to get rid of feet swelling naturally.

Swelling of legs and feet is medically known as edema. Swollen feet is a condition where the muscles in the feet have excessive fluid accumulation. This fluid buildup can result in a rapid increase in weight over a short period of time. In most cases, feet swelling is accompanied with terrible pain. Swollen feet and ankles can be a result of stress, kidney disorder, blood clotting, internal foot infection, injuries, fracture, diseases of joints, and nervous problems. Regarding women, it is normal to have a certain amount of feet swelling during pregnancy. Some others face swollen feet problem when they have high uric acid in the body. Foot swelling can be reduced even by measures that can be applied at home.

Best Home Cures For Swollen Feet and Ankles

Here are 9 natural home remedies to help get rid of foot swelling and cure painful swollen feet and ankles.

1. An effective home remedy to cure swollen feet and ankles is soaking the feet in cold water for 15 minutes. This will help reduce the foot swelling.

2. You can also soak your feet in warm saline water for at least 15 minutes to relieve feet swelling. This will relax your leg and feet muscles and relieve swollen feet and ankles.

3. Barley water is an extremely helpful home remedy for reducing the swelling of feet throughout pregnancy. Drink barley water many times during a day to get rid of foot swelling.

4. Boil 2 to 3 tablespoons of coriander seeds in 2 cups of water, until the mixture reduces to half. Cool it off and soak your leg in it. This home remedy for swollen feet has proved to be very effective in reducing the foot swelling as well as the pain.

5. Massaging your feet with warm mustard oil is also one of the effective home remedies to cure swelling and relieving swollen feet and ankles. Make mustard oil a little warm and apply it on the swelling foot. Massage the foot for about 5 minutes.

6. Apple cider vinegar helps to remove water and fluid retained in the body. To get rid of swollen feet rapidly, soak them in a solution of half water and half natural apple cider vinegar. Applying a little of apple cider vinegar over the swollen foot and massaging for about 5 minutes can also be helpful in relieving swollen feet.

7. Consuming three garlic cloves or three garlic oil capsules a day also reduces foot swelling. It can be regarded as one of the effective home remedies to cure swollen feet and ankles.

8. Excess salt can cause your ankles to swell. If your fluid retention is caused by excess salt intake, cut back on excess salt from your diet to help with swollen feet.

9. Eating a poor diet high in carbohydrates is another cause of swollen feet. Carbohydrates have high water content and thus you should reduce your intake of carbohydrates to reduce swelling and relieve pain of swollen feet.

10. Avoid foods that can cause a higher uric acid content in the body. This would include limiting or eliminating foods like red meat, organ foods like liver, and limit the amount of protein you eat per day. This would include limiting all animal foods. This can also limit or improve gout conditions, which also affect the feet.

11. Try a more vegetarian diet that centers around vegetables that limit meat consumption. Diets such the Mediterranean diet can be very helpful.

12. Move around more. If you sit at a desk job all day, try getting up each hour and just swing your arms and walk around. This improves circulation.

Follow these home remedies for foot swelling and get rid of swollen feet and ankles naturally. You should consult a doctor for adequate treatment if you have persistent feet swelling, swelling accompanied by shortness of breath and weight gain, or foot swelling that damages the skin or if you have specific medical conditions or concerns.

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