How to Get Rid of Diarrhea Naturally: 20 Home Remedies for Diarrhea

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There are many effective home remedies for diarrhea that are helpful to get rid of diarrhea naturally. Following are some of the natural remedies that are simple and easy to follow.

Diarrhea is a common and uncomfortable digestive disorder characterized by loose, watery stools that cause frequent need to defecate. When people experience watery motions, the intestines will have difficulties in absorbing excess water that are being secreted by the stomach, pancreas, and liver. Although, diarrhea can strike anyone regardless of age and sex, it is more common and dangerous to children and infants. Diarrhea usually lasts for 1 or 2 days. Still, it is very important to take necessary steps to get rid of diarrhea problem as soon as possible for avoiding serious complications of dehydration.

Causes and Symptoms of Diarrhea

Causes of Diarrhea

Common causes of diarrhea include:

• Undigested food which reaches colon in liquid form

• Food poisoning

• Insufficient consumption of water

• Organic diseases disturbing the intestines

• Allergy to certain foods

• Bowel disorder

• Excessive alcohol consumption

• Side effect from a medication

Symptoms of Diarrhea

Common symptoms of diarrhea include:

• Loss of appetite

• Nausea

• Frequent loose motions/stools

• Abdominal pain/cramps

• Dehydration

• Vomiting

• Stomach Pain

• Fever

Home Remedies for Diarrhea

There are many effective home remedies for diarrhea that are helpful to get rid of diarrhea naturally. Following are some of the natural remedies that are simple and easy to follow.

1. Drink buttermilk 3 to 4 times a day added with a pinch of salt. You can also have a cup of buttermilk mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of dry ginger. This will enhance the production of good bacteria in the intestines, provide new set of nutrients that have been lost, and prevent dehydration.

2. Boil brown rice in excess of water for about 45 minutes and drink that water. It will serve as a liquid diet that gets digested very easily. It also helps reduce the weakness caused due to diarrhea.

3. The best natural remedy for diarrhea is eating banana. Banana helps to cure diarrhea because it contain pectin, a complex-carbohydrate that increases water absorption from the intestines.

4. Boil some fenugreek seeds and fry them in butter. Mix it well in a cup of buttermilk. Drink this twice a day to get rid of diarrhea naturally.

5. You can have ginger tea which will not only give relief from the abdominal pain but also gives relief from fatigue caused due to diarrhea. It also helps to gain control over vomiting.

6. Take about 1/4 teaspoon of cardamom seeds powder and boil them with tea water. Drink this solution as a home remedy for diarrhea.

7. Taking a teaspoon of honey mixed in a glass of water is also helpful to get rid of diarrhea.

8. Consuming Indian goose berry juice mixed with lime water and glucose is one of the valuable home remedies for diarrhea.

9. Mix 1/2 teaspoon each of ginger juice and lemon juice in a 1/4 teaspoon of pepper powder. Consume this mixture twice a day to get rid of diarrhea naturally.

10. Nutmeg will soothe the upset stomach. To provide fast relief for diarrhea, take 3 pinches of nutmeg powder and dissolve it in a glass of warm milk. Drink this slowly.

11. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds and consume this mixture three to four times a day until the symptoms disappear. This is one of the beneficial home remedies for treating diarrhea naturally.

12. Turmeric is another good home remedy for diarrhea. It is a valuable intestinal antiseptic. It is also a gastric stimulant and boost. Take turmeric along with a cup of buttermilk or plain water to cure diarrhea.

13. Mix 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon and 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in 1 cup of water and boil it. Allow it to simmer for 20 minutes. 1/4 cup of this tea should be drunk every half hour to get rid of diarrhea.

14. The pomegranate has proved helpful in the treatment of diarrhea on account of its astringent properties. Prepare juice out of the pomegranate fruit and add about 1 teaspoon of honey. Have it once every two hours, depending on the severity of the diarrhea.

15. Another natural treatment for curing diarrhea is the use of wild oregano oil. Wild oregano oil with its anti parasitic, anti bacterial and anti viral effects helps to gain control over diarrhea that is caused due to intestinal bacterial infection. Take about 1 teaspoon of oregano oil and mix with buttermilk or water and take thrice a day.

16. Peppermint tea, Blackberry tea, green tea, chamomile tea, black tea, and other such herbal teas will enable you to relieve the discomfort of diarrhea.

17. More over, drinking raspberry juice or carrot juice can help you replenish your electrolyte levels.

18. Bottle gourd juice with a pinch of salt is an excellent remedy for excessive thirst caused by diarrhea.

19. Black plums mashed with water taken twice daily helps get rid of diarrhea with blood.

20. Take a glass of lukewarm water and squeeze 1/2 a lemon into it. You can add a tablespoon of honey to it. Drink it 2 to 3 times a day to get rid of diarrhea.

Other Tips

• Avoid strenuous activities as these are likely to exacerbate dehydration, causing greater damages.

• A low-fiber with low-residue diet or a special liquid diet may be beneficial in case of diarrhea. It provides the stomach some relief by cleaning up the system and removing harmful toxins and wastes causing the infection.

• Try to eat small meals. Smaller meals allow the body to break down food without being overworked.

• Try to avoid foods that produce gas in the intestines.

• For children, it is recommended to give oral rehydration therapy to avoid complications caused by dehydration. ORS fluids can be made even at home by mixing one teaspoon each of salt and sugar in a glass of lukewarm water and mix it thoroughly. The liquid has to be prepared fresh every time or use it within 24 hours.

Diarrhea is an unpleasant condition that affects everyone from time to time. Most cases of diarrhea resolve within a few days, and simply require rest and refraining from hard to digest foods such as meat. Moreover, in mildly or moderately dehydrated patients, an increased fluid intake and replacement of lost electrolytes usually helps regulate and restore proper fluid balance. However, it is better to seek medical advice if diarrhea becomes persistent.


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