How to Get Rid of Caribbean Crazy Ants Without Pesticides

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Caribbean crazy ants are extremely dangerous. There are natural ways to get rid of them without expensive pesticides.

A new breed of ants from the Caribbean has been making their way to Texas, Florida and a few other states in the South. Many people spend thousands of dollars a month on pesticides. Not only is using pesticides expensive, they are also very dangerous to use around pets, children or even yourself. Learn about the other ways to get rid of Caribbean crazy ants without pesticides.

Vinegar - You can get rid of Caribbean crazy ants with vinegar. Simply pour vinegar around the area you notice them and let the scent sit. They do not like the lingering scent. Even after humans cannot smell the vinegar anymore, the ants can still can so they try hard to avoid it. Vinegar will also kill these ants on contact. Not only does vinegar help kill off Caribbean crazy ants, this also helps with rodents and other bugs.

Baby Powder - Pour baby powder on the perimeter of your house to avoid these harmful ants from entering your house. They do not like the smell or texture of baby powder and will avoid going through it. Although you will have to spend some money buying baby powder, it is a lot cheaper than ridding them with pesticides.

Anteaters - Although owning an anteater may be illegal in most states, they can take out entire colony by sniffing them out. They simply dig and eat the queen ant. Since the queen ant is no longer living it is unable to reproduce. Caribbean crazy ants can have tens of thousands of baby ants a day. If the queen isn’t around the colony will eventually die off.

Windex - The ammonia in windex will kill these ants on contact. However, it is important to think before using this product as it is not safe around food.

Cornmeal - Using the cornmeal method is easy. Simply pour 2 inches thick of cornmeal around your home and wait. Eventually the ants will eat it. Soon after the ants will drink and since they are unable to process it, the cornmeal will expand and the ants will blow up and die.

Caribbean crazy ants are said to be far worse than fire ants. Since fire ants build mounds on top of the ground you can see them easily and can avoid them. Caribbean crazy ants don’t build mounds. They simply live anywhere that is moist.

Common places are in boards of your house, under a log or even in a puddle. Anywhere there is moisture they will live and breed. Caribbean crazy ants will eat anything including human flesh. In moments you can be overwhelmed by these ants.

A scientist conducted an experiment where he placed a few ants in a half acre of land. After just 30 days the ants were two inches thick on the one acre of lane. He wasn’t able to see the ground as the ants had taken over. If you are experiencing Caribbean crazy ants in your home, there are plenty of ways to get rid of them without pesticides.