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How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally - The Natural Way to Get Rid of Ants

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How to get rid of ants around the home

So you have an ant problem. You want to get rid of ants, but you don't want to use chemicals or dangerous pesticides around the home.

Chemicals and pesticides are dangerous for pets and children so it is reasonable to desire a natural or safe way of controlling ants.

One way is to mix two cups of sugar with one cup of hot water, two tablespoons borax, and one tablespoon boracic acid.  Boil for three minutes in a saucepan then cool and place into a sealed container, preferably a glass jar or similar.  Put a little of the mixture into the inside of jar lids and place on the ground near ant trails. Keep replacing the mixture as it disappears until the ant trail is gone.

There is also the crushed cloves option.  Sprinkle crushed cloves near the nest as ants hate the scent.  Alternatively, try sprinkling talcum powder around the nest and across ant trails for a similar effect.

If these methods do not work or your ant problem is really severe, then you will have to resort to using kerosene, paraffin or turpentine, but these should not affect your children or pets as they are poured directly into the nest itself.  To find the nest, follow the ant trail if you can back to the nest.  If you can't, sprinkle some sugar on the ground near the ants and then follow the resulting ant trail.  Once you find the nest, pour kerosene, turpentine or paraffin into the nest - a cupful should be enough.

Some people pour boiling water into the nest, but this does not eliminate all the ants as the boiling water only travels some way into the nest and will not poison the nest or repel the ants once it cools.  You need to poison or repel the ants, really.

Ultimately, the best way to control ants is prevention.  Keep floors and benches clean and clear, dispose of food scraps as soon as possible, feed pets outside, and keep all food in tight sealed containers.  If the food is not readily available, then the ants will not come.

Sometimes you may need to consider feeding the entire family in one area only, especially with really young children such as babies and toddlers. It is tempting to allow them to wander around with rusks and snacks, but children will drop crumbs and scraps in places you won't even notice, such as toyboxes and corners; this is just laying the welcome mat out for ants and other pests to treat your home as an open pantry.

Also, some people may find they need to locate their kitchen garbage bin outside altogether.

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Abdel-moniem El-Shorbagy
Posted on Aug 10, 2011

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