How to Get Rid of a Toothache: Effective Home Remedies for Toothache Pain Relief

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Toothache is caused mainly due to tooth decay caused by bacterial infection in the teeth or gums. As toothaches can occur suddenly it is very useful to know some of the very effective home remedies for toothache. It is possible to get rid of a toothache p

Toothache usually refers to pain around the teeth or jaws primarily as a result of a dental condition. It causes irritation, inflammation, swelling and reddening of the area around the affected tooth. The present-day lifestyle, full of stress and unhealthy eating habits, has made toothache a common problem. Toothache pain may be caused by a variety of problems such as mouth bacteria, gum disease, jaw disease, dental cavities, emerging wisdom teeth, exposed tooth, a cracked tooth or infected dental pulp, can cause toothache pain. Toothache can range from mild discomfort to excruciating pain in the affected area. However, there are various ways that you can do to treat toothache pain in a natural way. It is possible to get rid of a toothache pain quickly using proven natural home remedies.

Home remedies for Tooth Ache Pain Relief

Toothache is caused mainly due to tooth decay caused by bacterial infection in the teeth or gums. It is very common condition but unbearable problem. As toothaches can occur suddenly it is very useful to know some of the very effective home remedies for toothache. Following are some very easy and effective remedies for toothache pain relief.

Tea Tree Oil for Toothache Pain Relief

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that helps to reduce inflammation in many cases. Tea Tree Oil is natural oil with antibacterial properties that is very effective in relieving toothache pain. This natural oil will also kill germs and bacteria in your mouth. It is a safe and effective home remedy for toothache. Just dab it on and around the aching tooth with a finger or a cotton tip. A simple mouthwash using tea tree oil can help provide toothache relief. Make a mouthwash rinse using several drops of essential tea tree oil and water. Tea tree oil can help alleviate the symptoms of toothaches.

Cloves for Toothache Pain Relief

Another home remedy for toothache is in the use of clove, which reduces pain. A throbbing toothache is commonly caused by a bacterial infection. Cloves are known to help ease throbbing pain. Cloves contain a very powerful natural anesthetic called Eugenol, which is a natural painkiller. Chew a clove slowly with the aching tooth to release its juice and leave there for half an hour. Repeat 2-3 times. Application of clove oil to the aching tooth is best to reduce pain and also removes any kind of tooth infection. Mix a pinch of pepper powder and clove oil and rub this mixture on the affected tooth to get toothache pain relief.

Garlic for Toothache Pain Relief

Among the most effective home remedies for toothache is garlic. Garlic can help with toothache until you can see your dentist. Stop that annoying tooth pain with fresh garlic. Cut a clove of garlic and press it against on the aching tooth for a while to ease the toothache. Alternatively, chew a clove of garlic every morning or try a garlic mouthwash. Along with curing the teeth, this remedy would also make them strong. Use garlic as the emergency toothache pain relief.

Saline Water for Toothache Pain Relief

Saline water or salt solution is another very good toothache home remedy. Warm saline solution is highly beneficial to get rid of toothache. Add a pinch of salt in lukewarm water, Swish the saline water around your mouth repeatedly, and keep it in the back of your mouth as long as you can. This natural remedy of gargling with a saline solution will help to relieve a toothache pain and swelling. Most of the saline solutions keep the area surrounding the tooth clean and bacteria free. It is also an excellent treatment for mouth sores because of its sodium and chloride content.

Lime for Toothache Pain Relief

Lime is considered not only as a tooth remedy but also helps strengthen the teeth as well. Lime serves as a rich source of Vitamin C, is useful in maintaining the health of the teeth. Vitamin C help killing bacteria thereby prevent teeth decay. Your teeth can greatly benefit from the added vitamins that lime will introduce into your body. Slice the lime and place one slice of lime in the aching tooth to get pain relief. Wiping your teeth with lime everyday will keep them healthy. Limejuice helps kill bacteria, and drinking it every day helps strengthen your teeth. Try eating foods rich in vitamin C such as green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, and citrus fruits.

• Mix some pepper powder with common salt and apply this over the aching tooth. You will get instant relief from the pain with this remedy.

• Chewing a small piece of raw onion would be helpful to kill the bacteria in the mouth. You can chew onion slices, as this will also give relief from toothache pain.

• In one-cup water add pinch of salt and about five grams of peppermint and drink this. This will give fast relief from the pain. You may place a small stack of dried peppermint leaves around the aching tooth for 15 minutes to get relief from toothache.

• Another effective home remedy for toothache pain relief would be to chew some leaves of the guava tree. You will get instant relief from the pain with this remedy.

• Use an ice cube and place it on your aching tooth and gums. This will reduce the pain by making the aching tooth numb.

• Applying mustard oil over the aching tooth is another effective home remedy for toothache. Turmeric can be mixed with mustard oil and applied directly to a painful tooth.

• Spinach leaves also help in controlling the tooth pain. Chew fresh spinach leaves to prevent tooth decay and promote strong gums.

• Vanilla extracts also work wonders as a home remedy for toothache pain. For instant relief saturate a cotton ball with vanilla extract and hold in place over the aching tooth. The vanilla extract will dumb the tooth.

• If you need to ease the pain of a toothache in a pinch, just apply couple of drops of oregano oil on the aching tooth. Oregano oil gives effective relief to toothaches by killing the bacteria causing the pain.

• Another method for naturally relieving tooth pain is raw potatoes. Take a piece of raw potato, peel the skin off and cut a small slice .Hold that on the aching tooth until the pain is relieved.

• Dip a tea bag in a cup of boiling water .Place it over the tooth and leave in for at least 30 minutes. This would provide instant relief from tooth pain.

• Avoid eating sweet foods. Foods with high sugar content provide excess energy for bacteria numbers to multiply which cause cavities, leading to toothache pain. Also, avoid very hot and cold foods and drinks, because this may make the pain worse.

Toothache can strike without warning and once it does, it just cannot be ignored. Reduce this common condition by following some home remedies for toothache pain. Most home toothache remedies are aimed at getting rid of toothache pain. Using a reliable home remedy for toothache can help with quick pain relief.